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Re: [suse-linux-uk-schools] kde 2.2
  • From: Ian Lynch <ian.lynch2@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 07:31:01 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <01081708350700.04021@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 16 August 2001 1:27 pm, Phil Driscoll wrote:
> I've just installed kde 2.2 on my machine. It is a fantastic piece of work
> - I think it's the most impressive thing I've yet seen on the platform.
> Things start faster, look better, do more...
> I had thought that it might be a bit tricky converting some windows users
> to the Linux desktop on the grounds of differences in look and feel. No
> longer a problem - you can make it look and feel the same, even to the
> extent of silly toys such as fading menus etc.
> Anyway - now to the interesting bit. Since startup times were faster, I
> installed it on the 32Mb machine just to see what happened.
> Two important things happened:
> 1. KDE now displays a pulsating icon on the pointer by way of an hourglass
> as an application starts up so the user is less likely to try and start the
> application again.
> 2. In spite of some serious disc thrashing, KWord starts in 10 seconds :)
> I'll do some investigation as to whether I can save any memory by
> discarding some unnecessary frills and toys, and report back with news of
> whether or not the machine is useable under KDE. I've just experimented
> with getting the startkde script to startup icewm (thanks for the
> suggestion Mike). I tried this yesterday with an older KDE with no effect,
> however today with KDE 2.2, I can get KWord to startup under icewm in 15
> seconds - a factor of 3 speed improvement.

I have just been trying Kword out on 2.1.2 and found a few problems. Quite a
lot of crashes and I can't seem to cut and paste Killustrator drawings to it.
Is this me or isn't this implemented in my version? I do like the look of
Kword and if they can transfer the Word filters from StarOffice to it, it
could be a better bet. I'll instal 2.2 and see how it goes.



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