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RE: [suse-linux-uk-schools] Importing users into linux from NT
  • From: "Grainge, Derek" <DGG@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 19:07:04 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <FE4EF744CBD4D41191560050044F0CF114BB8F@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
You cannot read passwords from an NT box. Something which a few hackers
might like to contradict. i.e. If you have existing NT users and want
Linux compatibility you will have to generate new passwords somehow - the
question is how yo can control the process.

However you can get user information, such as user names, full names:

net use "Domain Users" /domain
net use <username> /domain

when run on an NT station will generate a list of users or all details on
one user. (The /domain forces it to read details from the domain controller
rather than the local station.)

I'm sure there's a way to generate a list of details for all users in one
go, in some sort of fixed width spaced or csv format - I just can't remember
how right now!

I have not tried the stuff which follows but I think it is possible:

By a bit of scripting on the NT box and the Linux as well you can create a
text list which can be used to generate Linux accounts. If you can write a
script to generate a password as part of that, great. You have a text file
which can be used to create Linux users and passwords. This looks like a
perl sort of task.

A bit of further script manipulation now needed to convert the Linux file
into something containing lines of the form
net use <username> <passwd> /domain /fullname:"<fullname>"
This would change the NT password of an existing user. /add on the end
would create a new user if need be.

Your users now have linux and NT accounts with the same password.

Tacky or what? I await comments telling me to bog off! There may be a
simple way to do it which I have missed.

Let's reverse the problem hovever. If a Linux box is the Primary Domain
Controller of an NT network using Samba you can have NT logins which are
user and password compatible with Linux, and which stay that way.

To answer the second question, regarding using NT users, plainly samba can
authenticate to an NT server - but I am unaware (until someone tells me) of
a way of tying ftp under linux into that.

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> From: Alex Brett [mailto:BrettA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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> Subject: [suse-linux-uk-schools] Importing users into linux from NT
> Is there a way to instantly import all the users from a Windows NT
> domain into a linux machine. Either that or is there a way to let
> linux use windows nt users - just i want to setup an ftp that all my
> users of my nt can use.
> Thanks in advance,
> Alex Brett
> Network Technician
> Downsend School
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