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[suse-linux-uk-schools] Help with PPP
Can anyone help a total beginner..please!
I have installed 7.0 on my system, dual boot with probs there, but
had to attach external modem (Pace Linnet 34Plus) as my "winmodem" is no
good for Linux - according to web based info. However, I cant get Linux to
see the specific type of modem - it just sees an unknown device and uses it!
When attempting to use kinternet to dial my ISP, it dials ok, connects
briefly and then disconnects, telling me that "The ppp daemon has died: pppd
options error (exit code = 2)" and the man pages tell me this is due to
multiple conflicting options...what do I do!!! Any help gratefully

Cris Treacher
ICT Co-ordinator
Kingswood High School

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