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German Star Office?
OK - I've been here before.

I had installed SUSE 6.4 and then took Star Office off a Cover DVD - and it was in German.

Despite several attempts looking for 'language' I could not get menu names etc to appear in English.

I gave up... and reinstalled a new version of SA off a a CD and (apart from the hassle) it worked.

Due to a Hard disc failure I had to reinstall Linux - and decided to go with SUSE7.0 which had been
sitting there for some time - and despite being the ENGLISH version of SUSE, and selecting ENGLISH
in the startup/install SO still came up in GERMAN!

What am I doing wrong? Is it a bug - ie DVD version is German only? Is there an English version on
the DVD - and how do I get it to install through YAST? YAST2?


Also - I have just discovered that I can't get XDM to work from remote clients. ISTR enabling something
somewhere in the serer last time (in addition to init 3 which only seems to affect local access).

PLEASE can someone remind me what to do.


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