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RE: [suse-linux-uk-schools] OSE Conference
On Mon 10 Jul, Malcolm wrote:

> Acorns
> did educational IT harm, as many people (including me) felt that they gone
> up the wrong tree and most schools want to up the right tree with the
> corporate world.


Everywhere I look, with a very few honourable exceptions,standards
of ICT in schools are both dire and falling.

Over the last 2 or 3 years there has been a substantial fall in levels of
knowledge of principles, which exactly mirrors the rise in Windows and the
mesmeric infatuation with Office 97. What has a school to do with teaching
which buttons to click on an office productivity (?) suite?

Some of the examination boards, such as AQA, are bravely standing against this
and calling for standards and principles. Most of their questions are far
better answered with a _choice_ of hardware and software including
Acorn/RiscOS. Our pupils unquestionably prefer the RiscOS software for the
coursework proper but frequently write up at home on Word.

Linux is a server OS of the first order. Sadly, all it seems to be used for
at the moment to to enable schools to follow the above infatuation at a
lesser cost. Do we honstly think that Linux is suitable as a desktop OS in
education at the present time? What native software is recommended for
educational use?

Martin Devon

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