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PostgreSQL and Linux / Windows
  • From: Alan Harris <alanh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 15:02:47 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <396B33A9.7EEAE48@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi guys,

Anyone out there with experience of using PostgreSQL?

I could really do with some help in linking Windows '95 systems to the
PostgreSQL server running on a Linux box. PostgreSQL is running just
fine and I can use the KPSQL client to access the database tables on
both of my Linux based machines. Can't get Interactive PSQL for Windows
to talk to either though. Even after altering the pg_hba.conf file as
suggested in the PostgreSQL users manual.

The whole point of this is to create a school 'data warehouse' for pupil
grades, targets, sats and exam results etc, with an aim to progress
monitoring. I already have it running under Lotus Approach via an NT

I'm also the network manager for a state school - we buy from whom we
like and run what we like - at the moment we have an IBM / Elonex
hardware base running NT Server 4, Win '95 & '98. We also have a Linux
Intranet & Samba Server running (hosting file services for some 600

With regard to the ongoing debate, you have to be prepared to try things
out. I've managed RM based systems before and hated every minute of it.
I'm not a teacher but a full time techie (we have some forward thinking
state schools in Wales you know). No formal training in ANY operating
system whatsoever! The only way that anybody is going to bring Linux
into schools is to sit down and incorporate it into the school network -
start with an intranet server, then introduce file and print services,
email and proxy servers. set up and play with a Samba server and then
bite the bullet and try one (on the lower school pupils in the first
instance). My aim is to have an e-commerce type system set up within the
school relying on Linux / Perl / Apachce / ProgresSQL. When it's done
(and if it works!) it's yours if you want it!

But.... in the mean time, anyone know anything about linking SQL clients
to backend databases via TCP/IP? (before I start some really intensive
reading and research that is...)

Alan Harris
Network Manager
Bryngwyn School

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