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Re: [suse-linux-uk-schools] PostgreSQL and Linux / Windows

Just a thought, there was a dem about databases/adminstering databases the
other month at MANLUG. The package used was called IIRC Omni Studio (?)
Completely platform free and a good frontend to most Dbs, especially SQL.

Alan Harris wrote, On Wed, 12 Jul 2000
> Many thanks...
> I have considered DB2 but the problem is cost (as a Lotus site DB2 would be great).
> Eventually I intend to have the whole thing running as a 'web based' operation to make
> the front end "teacher friendly". I have accessed the PostgreSQL server from another
> linux box using the Kpsql client without any problem so it's obviously a windows
> thing.
> I actually intend to use Perl to generate, execute and return the results from queries
> submitted via HTML - tests indicate that it will work here quite well. My interest in
> the windows clients was based on not having to teach admin staff how to use Linux!
> However, I don't think that such an exercise would be a bad thing. If it wasn't for
> the lack of CD ROM based materials for education based on Linux then I could change
> the entire network over to Linux 'tomorrow' so to speak.
> (slightly off track here but) Our school was criticised by our latest school
> inspection for it's lack of CD ROM use. Despite (in my judgement) potential Y2K issues
> with old dos based roms and despite the fact that we have school wide internet access.
> In fact, the Inspector concerned would'nt even speak to me about the network and
> wasn't interested in anything to do with non-teaching staff! How do we overcome such
> issues as this?
> What do schools already using Linux throughout do about such issues - I'd really like
> to know.
> Alan Harris
> Network Manager
> Bryngwyn School
> alanh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Malcolm wrote:
> > hi Alan
> >
> > >But.... in the mean time, anyone know anything about linking SQL clients
> > >to backend databases via TCP/IP? (before I start some really intensive
> > >reading and research that is...)
> >
> > haven't done it with PostgreSQL, but with MySQL using the MyODBC drivers
> > from Access clients. I believe that the issues would be the same with
> > PostgreSQL, their are the drivers. The things to watch for:
> > security permissions, the ODBC drivers require a username/password to
> > access the DB, so if it is to read/write/delete etc etc you have to remember
> > its client machine, rather than user-based (?)
> > the ODBC management tools were a bit flaky, we use the web-based tools, in
> > particular phpMyAdmin (theres one for Postgres aswell).
> >
> > we have tended to use web-base interfaces rather than ODBC clients
> > lattertly, easy to set up and use, with JSP and PHP.
> >
> > if you want any more info, contact me direct. There are a number of reasons
> > of choosing PostgreSQL over MySQL (including the license), but there seems
> > to be wider support for clients and tools for MySQL. Have you considered DB2
> > ?
> >
> > Malc
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> > Dr Malcolm Herbert
> > Head of Technology R&D, Becta
> > 02476 847126 Mob: 07801 612438
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