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Re: [suse-linux-uk-schools] Print Server
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From: "David Willmor" <jd99@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> We are currently implementing a new Learning Resources Centre with 100 new
> PC's running Windows 98. We are looking for a way for all machines to
> their printouts to a single machine which a member of staff can use to
send to
> a specific non-networked printer.
> Does anyone have any ideas?

Tricky, because of the management of viewing the files. No good solutions.
but a few ideas...

One could (probably) print to file (see below) using a postscript format and
then (not sure if one is available for this purpose - I wrote a simple one
years ago, but have long since lost the source!) 'view' the resultant file
before printing it. Ever looked at a post script file? loads of space

One could of course drop the (un-printed) files into a folder the pupil can
write to and the teacher has read/write access to. This requires all files
to have a unique file name - this is one of the failures of the RM
"homework" system. - we use the kids name & title, The file can then be
pre-viewed/printed from this location - problems with versions can also
Alternatively the teacher has read/write access to each child's folder -
less files generated.

Crude method, turn off/suspend the print server, check each child's work
over his shoulder, when the whole class is in sync (yeah, right) turn the
print service back on. This may effect too many other users.

Use VNC. a member of staff can then look at the desktop/take control of a
desktop and give permission to print. PC, UNIX, LINUX, MAC (I think!)
versions are available, as is one that stops the client machines from
changing settings/turning the server off! I don't have any links here, but
will post them to you when I get back on Monday (remind me please!) I was
going to use this with my proposed LINUX system :-) , and just about to
implement it with our RM system. :-(

Educate the child to use print preview! and of course educate the teaching

What we do - Our resource centre only has 25 PCs and 3 laser + 1 Colour
printer & a scanner spread over two floors. - Allocate printer credits to
the pupils, and charge for additional credits if the child does not have a
legitimate reason for having extra credits - this may be difficult in a
state school - What happens in a state school if extra/replacement day books
are required?


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