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Re: [opensuse-doc] Re: Translation of openSUSE documentation
Hi Guo Yunhe,

1. Could you add translation support to ? is just a dumb server. So this is just a matter of
copying the translated files and creating links from the homepage (for better
or worse).

There is a GitHub repo for the homepage here:

Feel free to send pull requests if you spot typos, etc.

2. Does it use GNU Gettext (po) or other technology? Or it just doesn't
support any translation?

The server itself does not support anything, as I said above.

The documentation sources are in .

This repo combines the documentation for SLES, SLED, and openSUSE. For
SLES and SLED, we have professional translators who are currently using
their own process and translation memory, neither of which we have
direct access to. We are delivering them our XML sources, and they
return translated versions. Traditionally, we have used special
translation branches called `trans/...`. As the translators currently
only come in at a certain point during the release cycle, these
branches are basically eternally out-of-sync with the current development
of the repo.

This setup makes it very hard to work with community translators right

3. Could you add a project for documentation on ?

Not right now, but it would imho be the preferred eventual solution, at
least for openSUSE.

4. Can we contribute translation through Github if here is no other way?

Feel free to do that: pull requests are always welcome.

For now, I can only suggest you to create a new trans/opensuse422
branch. You should probably start from the content of the `develop`
branch and then see if you can reuse parts from `trans/SLE12SP2`.

I hope that helps somewhat,


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