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Re: [opensuse-doc] Need some info to resolve problems for French doc
On Mon, 21 May 2012 12:06:20 +0200 Guillaume Gardet wrote:


I am trying to update the french translation of openSUSE manuals but
I have some problems. It seems to come from xml2po which does not
handle right productnamereg and productname tags: <!ENTITY
productname '<phrase os="osuse">&opensuse;</phrase><phrase
os="sles">&sls;</phrase><phrase os="sled">&sled;</phrase>'> <!ENTITY
productnamereg '<phrase os="osuse">&opensusereg;</phrase><phrase
os="sles">&slsreg;</phrase><phrase os="sled">&sledreg;</phrase>'>
<!ENTITY productnumber '<phrase os="osuse">12.2</phrase><phrase
os="sles;sled">11 SP2</phrase><phrase os="sled">11 SP2</phrase>'>

Where are they defined so that I can modify them manually and test if
it really comes from there?

sorry, my fault. We changed the way how the product* entities are
handeled with the latest suse-xsl-stylesheets version and I forgot to
announce that here ;-(.

Please see my mail "Important: Resolving &productname; entities" to
this list from a few minutes ago.


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