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[opensuse-doc] Important: Resolving &productname; entities

the entities &productname; &productnamereg; and &productnumber; used to
be resolved by processing instructions, so the product is
automatically set to the value defined with the accompanying variables
in the DC-file.

Although this solution was very convenient, it needed a lot of code in
the SUSE stylesheets that was difficult to maintain. Therefore we
decided to drop that code with the latest version of the
suse-xsl-stylesheets (>= 1.9.6).

From now on the entities &productname; &productnamereg; and
&productnumber; need to be defined as follows in xml/entity-decl.ent:

<!ENTITY productname '<phrase os="osuse">&opensuse;</phrase><phrase
os="sles">&sls;</phrase><phrase os="sled">&sled;</phrase>'>

<!ENTITY productnamereg '<phrase
os="sles">&slsreg;</phrase><phrase os="sled">&sledreg;</phrase>'>

<!ENTITY productnumber '<phrase os="osuse">12.1</phrase><phrase
os="sles;sled">11 SP2</phrase><phrase os="sled">11 SP2</phrase>'>

The only drawback of this solution is that DocBook4/NovDoc does
not allow <phrase> in <literal> and <guimenu>, so you need to fix that
in (very few) places.

Note: The new solution is backwards compatible, so if you do not use
the latest SUSE stylesheets (as available from Documentation:Tools),
yet, switching to the new product* entities will not hurt.


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