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Re: [opensuse-doc] Terminal output
On Thu, 17 May 2012 16:31:31 -0500 Thomas R. Jones wrote:


What is the recommended format of terminal output?

I expect that <command></command><computeroutput></computeroutput> but
want to be in compliance with other authors.

for the SUSE manuals we are simply using <screen></screen> for terminal
output. If mentioning a command within floating text, we use

<screen>~ > pwd

To list the curent working directory use the command

Also, its been awhile since I wrote with novdoc; what
wrapping/hyphenation directives are available to authors? I've got
output that is 100-105 columns wide. Looks ugly on the pdf....simply

Yes, 100-105 columns is a bit too wide. However, I do not remember the
exact width. It also depends on the element - screens use a wide
mono-spaced font, for example. Displaying such widths will
completely fail in screens, because no automatic line breaks are
inserted. However, if you really need to use such a width, you can
manually set a different font-size via processing instruction. However,
this only works with the SUSE stylesheets, the DocBook stylesheets will
not suppport it.

<?dbsuse-fo font-size="0.6em"?>
<?dbsuse-fo font-size="7pt"?>

Use "em" if you create HTML/ePUB output. If you only create PDF output,
you may alternatively use "pt".

You need to place the PI directly after the block element, e.g.

<screen><?dbsuse-fo font-size="0.63em"?>


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