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[opensuse-doc] opensuse-doc svn repository moved to (DONE!)
The move is done!
The new server is alive and kicking. Faster than we thought.

The new checkout URL for the opensuse-doc repo is:
svn co

A browser view is available at:

I migrated my existing working directory by
$ cd to_the_dir_countaining_trunk
$ svn info | grep URL
$ svn switch --relocate
$ svn up

You can do the same, but please substitute jnweiger with your own
berlios user name. See the URL output of the svn info command.

The berlios repo will be around as a read-only snapshot (up to revision 7954)
for a while, just in case.

If you encounter any issues, please let us know.
jzwickl@xxxxxxx jw@xxxxxxx jdsn@xxxxxxx


Hi all,

tomorrow we will move the opensuse-doc repository from to Thursday 17.00 h NUE time(UTC+1) we will set the Berlios
repository to

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