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Re: [opensuse-doc] French translation for openSUSE Doc
Hi Guillaume,

On Monday 21 November 2011 Guillaume Gardet wrote:

We (french community) started some time ago to translate the official
documentation using POT/PO files generated from the english xml files,
using but I would like to use the official SVN to store
the datas needed to have a translated doc.

How do you translate xml files and update them ? Copy XML from english and
then edit directly in XML ? If so, how do you deal with updates ?

In principle, yes.
Updates are tricky. We don't have any other system apart form POT/PO. So
currently, it's up to the translators to use tools which best fit to their
workflow. However, I'm not really involved into translation, probably Karl can
say more about that topic.

Can you create a french sub-directory on the server and give me write
access so that I can update the files ?

Sure, however I would wait a little bit more. The problem is that BerliOS will
be closed next month. Currently we are testing and migrating our SVN to a new
home. We will make an announcement soon, hopefully this week. After that, you
can apply for some write permissions. :)

Thomas Schraitle

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