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Re: [opensuse-doc] Re: Novell / opensuse documentatie vertalen
On Mon, 18 Jul 2011 09:12:40 +0200 Thomas Schraitle wrote:

Hi Max,

I'm shamelessly replying to you sending this to the person whom I
think of when someone mentions openSUSE translations - Thomas
Schraitle. I've also CC'ed the opensuse-doc mailinglist (no idea if
I'm subscribed or what'll happen when I turn out not to be).

Thanks for the fame, but I'm not involved in translations at all. ;)
I think, Karl is the right person to ask (he reads opensuse-doc too)
and he does all the good things in and with translations.

sounds like you want to translate our manuals. If so, we can offer you
all the infrastructure you need.

To create HTML or PDF, you need daps (Document Authoring and
Publishing Suite), the successor of susedoc. You can install it from
OBS, repo Documentation:Tools.
to be precise. This is one part of the infrastructure we can offer. If
you need help with daps, just contact me. daps --help should give you a
first impression of what the tool can do. If you have already worked
with it's predecessor susedoc, there is a transition guide
at /usr/share/doc/packages/daps/README.upgrade_from_susedoc_4.x

We can also offer you SVN access to our documentation SVN at BerliOS
( and add a
directory for your translations at

The Hungarian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian translators are also
using the SVN.

And last but not least we can offer you support. If you have any
questions (incl. daps, stylesheets, svn, etc), contact us on this
list. The other translators are also subscribed here, so you might
benefit from their knowledge as well.

Regarding the BerliOS SVN:
You can anonymously checkout from the svn. "subversion" needs to be
installed on your machine. To check out the final 11.4 openSUSE
documentation, use the following command:

svn co \

If you want to use the BerliOS SVN for your translations, please create
a BerliOS log in at
and let me know your Login Names.

When I know them I can grant you access to the project including
SVN check-in permission. Then I would copy the final Englisch 11.4
documentation sources to
and you can start ... ;-)


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