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[opensuse-doc] Re: [opensuse-wiki] PING (preferred term in German ?) - IS: [opensuse-wiki-de] Repository/Repositorys oder Depot/Depots oder ... : Welche Bezeichnung vorzugsweise (in Artikelnamen und meist im Text)?

on Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011, pistazienfresser (see profile) wrote:
does someone else like also to contribute to the discussion on the
matter how a directory for software packages and metadata
- in English in openSUSE: repository, pl.: repositories -
should be named in the new openSUSE-Wiki for German language?
This is referring on the term that should be used in names of
articles (apart from redirects) and in the text (apart from

In case you are interested it would be nice if you would visit the
following discussion page/talk page:
(until the end of Monday).

IMHO we should get this in sync with the "official" documentation, which
is the reason why I'm CC'ing the documentation mailinglist.
(I also removed some lists from CC because I'm not subscribed there.)

@Documentation team: Is there an "official" german translation for

BTW: My personal opinion is that "Repository" should also be used in the
german wiki. I don't really like the idea to use "Depot".


Christian Boltz
The speed at which a mistyped command executes is directly
proportional to the amount of damage done. [Joe Zeff]
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