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Re: [opensuse-doc] Style guide
  • From: Rebecca Walter <rwalter@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 18:25:09 +0100
  • Message-id: <200612211825.10472.rwalter@xxxxxxx>

> Well, from my perspective, the style guide covers more of structural
> issues of the text than of layout or font effects (Rebecca, please
> correct me if I tell nonsense! ;). Normally an author doesn't have to
> care about layout issues -- the layout is covered by the DocBook XSL
> stylesheets.
> An author just uses the right element name for a specific purpose. For
> example, if you want to mark up an email adress, you use
> <email>foo@xxxxxxxxxxx</email>. How it is rendered or displayed is the
> responsibility of the stylesheet(s).
> Does this answer your questions?

Tom is correct here. The style guide deals with writing and structural
issues. Font issues are resolved by style sheets and I think we can change
those pretty easily. This is the advantage of using docbook. We mark things
for what they are (some info about what tags to use is also in the style
guide) then the style sheet makes it look pretty.

Right now we have an extremely simple (aka boring) style sheet. We need a
better one soon, but Tom wanted to leave the details up to the community. So
the question is really what does the community want things to look like?
Thomas is very experienced with this stuff and we have several others on the
team with experience with basic stylesheets (not me, I just whine when I
don't like them) but we'd love the community to get involved here.

All this means that we can extensively adjust the look and feel of the book
without having to touch each and every file. I like this a lot. :-)

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