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Re: [opensuse-doc] LfL RFC
  • From: Rebecca Walter <rwalter@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 08:22:31 +0100
  • Message-id: <200612210822.31951.rwalter@xxxxxxx>
Cool! Lot's of feedback. It is great for me to have feedback and editors
because I haven't written as much lately (usually I'm the editor) and I can
never look as critically at my own work as I can at others' work.

Also this is a somewhat technical topic and my method might not be the best
way to do it. It seems to have worked okay on my systems at home, but I have
this fear that someone will find a huge security bug in it and I'd hate to be
offering this as a good way to do it if it were actually dangerous. ;-)

> I'm not sure what exactly was meant under "make System Administration a
> part" My guess would be something like this:
> System Administration (book or part of the book)
> Network Configuration (chapter)
> Home Network (subchapter)
> Network with Router
> Network with Local Server (your article)
> Is this what you meant.

Right. Toms can probably explain parts better than I can but that is
basically it. A part is a bigger chunk than a chapter but smaller than a
book. The internally-produced manuals have parts in them.

Right now System Administration is a chapter and my text is a sect1. But
System Administration is a pretty broad topic, so this could easily turn into
a huge and unmanageable chapter depending on how many other topics are added.

It is a bit hard to make a good structure when we don't know exactly what the
content will be in the long run. Right now if each text is made as a sect1,
they are pretty mobile. But we probably want to get a better idea soon of
what we expect so we can work out a good structure and set it up so authors
can contribute more comfortably.

> BTW, how to give comments on used words. I've seen "stipulated by your ISP"
> and mostly is used "provided", instead.

You just tell me what you think. ;-) You're right, stipulated isn't the best
wording. How about assigned?

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