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Re: [opensuse-doc] file format
  • From: Dazzle <>
  • Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005 22:05:26 +0300
  • Message-id: <328b50d10510071205g66a9306w6015c4d6e5a496fb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On 10/7/05, jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thomas Schraitle wrote:
> > Welcome on opensuse-doc. You are the first real external poster! :-)

And I am the second one? :-P

> I gave this course last spring on suse 9.0 (suse is ideal
> for such goal) and plan to adapt this to 10.0 (should not be
> too difficult) and after that translate it to english (but
> this is quite more difficult)

I also want to make something like that in Romanian. Also I want to
write a book about SuSE Linux and eventually translate the
administrator and the user guide but for the last two I need a team
and I hope I will find it :-)

There are a lot of things to do. I think we can write a book about
those things. I hope the people will participate to various projects.
I will be very happy to join the OpenSUSE/SuSE team and help with what
I can. I am not a programmer, just started learning Java, but I can
help with documentation, testing (if you learn me how to report bugs,
where to look after a program crashes and other things I need to give
you the best details about the bugs), making rpms (after I'll read
Maximum RPM ;) and learn the OpenSUSE/SuSE packaging model),
internationalization of the wiki in Romanian (talked with Sonja about
this already). So... tell me what I can do, how can I help you :-)

Yours faithfully,
Damian Mihai Liviu
Phone: +40741226993
Yahoo: liviudm_cisco
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