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Re: wvdial und statische IP ?
  • From: wieneman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Wilhelm Wienemann)
  • Date: Thu May 18 22:43:22 2000
  • Message-id: <20000519004322.D3542@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hallo Robert!

Robert Rakowicz schrieb am Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2000:

sind hier jemanden Einträge für die /etc/wvdial.conf bekannt mit den
man statische IP eingeben kann ?

Du gestattest, dass ich aus man wvdial zitiere:

Force Address
This option only applies if you have a static IP
address at your ISP, and even then you probably
don't need it. Some ISP's don't send the IP
address as part of the PPP negotiation. This
option forces pppd to use the address you give it.

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