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Re: termcap / terminfo, festlegen, wie?
  • From: jhe@xxxxxxxx (Joerg Henner)
  • Date: Wed May 17 06:54:38 2000
  • Message-id: <20000517085438.T29696@xxxxxxxx>

On Wed, 17 May 2000, Michael Gens wrote:

a) wo standardmaezig festgelegt wird, ob terminfo
bzw. termcap verwendet wird,

These low-level routines must be called by programs that
have to deal directly with the terminfo database to handle
certain terminal capabilities, such as programming func­
tion keys. For all other functionality, curses routines
are more suitable and their use is recommended.

Initially, setupterm should be called. Note that
setupterm is automatically called by initscr and newterm.
This defines the set of terminal-dependent variables
[listed in terminfo(5)]. The terminfo variables lines and
columns are initialized by setupterm as follows: If
use_env(FALSE) has been called, values for lines and
columns specified in terminfo are used. Otherwise, if the
environment variables LINES and COLUMNS exist, their val­
ues are used. If these environment variables do not exist
and the program is running in a window, the current window
size is used. Otherwise, if the environment variables do
not exist, the values for lines and columns specified in
the terminfo database are used.


These routines are included as a conversion aid for pro­
grams that use the termcap library. Their parameters are
the same and the routines are emulated using the terminfo
database. Thus, they can only be used to query the capa­
bilities of entries for which a terminfo entry has been

b) wie linux zu zwingen ist, entweder termcap oder
terminfo zu verwenden hat und

programm-abhängig, würde ich sagen.

c) wo und ob diese Einstellung individuell pro user
einstellbar ist (denn TERMCAP scheint keine Wirkung
zu haben) ?

pätestens in der ~/.profile kannst du sagen, welches
$TERM er verwenden soll ;)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Joerg Henner.

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