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RE: tar.gz Error
  • From: antwerpen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Oliver Antwerpen)
  • Date: Mon May 08 08:38:11 2000
  • Message-id: <NDBBLDBEDFIDDLELDLLFCECGDJAA.antwerpen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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Von: Vincent Bertram [mailto:bertram@xxxxxxxx]
Gesendet: Montag, 8. Mai 2000 10:04
An: suse-linux@xxxxxxxx
Betreff: Re: tar.gz Error

Was sagt denn file <filename>?

important_files.tar.gz: gzip compressed data, defated,
last modified: Sun May 7 04:18:15 2000, os: Unix

OK, dann ist das wohl echt kaputt. Du hast das Archiv aber nicht zufällig im
ASCII-Modus übertragen?


gunzip complains about corrupted data or a CRC error
99.9% of the problems with gzip are due to file transfers done in ASCII mode
instead of BINARY mode. In particular, gopher is known to corrupt binary
files by considering them as ASCII. Make sure that your local copy of the
file has exactly the same byte size as the original.

If you have transferred a file in ASCII mode and you no longer have access
to the original, you can try the program fixgz (
to remove the extra CR (carriage return) bytes inserted by the transfer. A
Windows 95/98/NT binary is here. But there is absolutely no guarantee that
this will actually fix your file. Conclusion: never transfer binary files in
ASCII mode. To compile fixgz and run it, do:

cc -o fixgz fixgz.c
fixgz bad.gz fixed.gz
gzip -tv fixed.gz

Vielleicht hilft das ja...


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