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[opensuse-contrib] Contrib cleanup (and push to Factory)
Hello all!

Currently, there is almost no difference between maintaining the package
in Contrib and in Factory so we'd like to encourage Contrib maintainers
to push their packages into various devel projects and then to Factory.

As the first steps are hardest to do, I went through all 351 Contrib
packages and tried to figure out in what devel project these packages
might below. I am not 100% right, so please take this info as a
suggestion, not as a dogma :-)

There are two lists attached:

- users.txt
- list of contrib maintainers, sorted by maintained packages
- as you can see this is not some procedure I invented and force you
to go through, I will have to do the same thing for 60 packages :-)

- packages.txt
- list of packages with the suggested devel projects
- the format of the lines is following:
* package name
* maintainer(s)
* suggested devel project
(I couldn't figure out 4 packages, so they have "?" there ...)
* comment - about renaming 4 library packages from libfooX to libfoo

Unfortunately, some of the packages are not in the ideal shape for
submission to Factory. Please update your packages to the latest
upstream version and do some cleanup. For this you can use the tool
spec-cleaner[1] (which is not perfect, so please review the results,
hopefully it will get some love during the Summer of Code).


Once you are done, you can submit your packages to devel project. I'm
sure you know the following procedure:

Example: $package is 3dto3d, $develproject is graphics

osc sr openSUSE:Factory:Contrib $package $develproject

Once the package is accepted you should request adding yourself as a
maintainer/bugowner using the following command:

osc creq -a add_me maintainer $develproject $package \
-a add_me bugowner $develproject $package

Once applied you can create submitrequests to Factory! Isn't that great? :-)

Maintainers of the Contrib packages will receive another email with the
packages maintained by them, so they don't have to dig through the large
list :-)

Hopefully we'll be able to push as much packages from Contrib to Factory
as possible before the next release! In case there are any questions
don't hesitate to ask on opensuse-contrib@xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Best Regards / S pozdravom,

openSUSE Boosters Team Lihovarska 1060/12
PGP 0xA6917144 19000 Praha 9
prusnak[at] Czech Republic
3dto3d prusnak graphics
a2ac prusnak M17N
abby mvyskocil multimedia:apps
abook wrosenauer server:mail
alien puzel utilities
alleyoop puzel devel:tools
altermime aledr server:mail
antiword garloff Publishing
apg csbuild utilities
aqemu mvyskocil Virtualization
aspell-en-huge elvigia devel:libraries:c_c++
aterm -miska- X11:terminals
aumix puzel multimedia:apps
autossh m4r3k network
avview sbrabec multimedia:apps
awn etamPL X11:windowmanagers
awn-extras etamPL X11:windowmanagers
bacula peternixon Archiving:Backup:Factory
bakery vuntz GNOME:Apps
bff etamPL devel:languages:misc
bff4 etamPL devel:languages:misc
bftpd mseben network
bitbake matejcik, bmanojlovic devel:tools:building
bleachbit saigkill utilities
blueman prusnak GNOME:Apps
cacti worldcitizen server:php:applications
cairo-clock vuntz GNOME:Apps
cclive mvyskocil multimedia:apps
ccrypt elvigia security
cdp prusnak multimedia:apps
centerim prusnak server:messaging
cflow puzel devel:tools
chemtool puzel Education
chromium tittiatcoke network:chromium?
ckermit worldcitizen hardware
clac radomir_cernoch utilities
cmatrix puzel utilities
CodeLite Fisiu devel:tools:ide
conky prusnak X11:Utilities
cruisecontrol andtecheu Java:packages
cuneiform prusnak Publishing
cups-backend-dnssd tittiatcoke Printing
d4x sbrabec GNOME:Apps
daemontools aledr utilities
dbxml digitaltomm XML
ddccontrol sbrabec hardware
ddccontrol-db sbrabec hardware
detox -miska- utilities
devtodo mrdocs, puzel utilities
dfu-util worldcitizen hardware
dictd prusnak Education
dog puzel utilities
domainkeys aledr devel:libraries:c_c++
dopi vuntz GNOME:Apps
drgeo prusnak Education
dropbox prusnak filesystems
dvhtool puzel utilities
dvi2tty sbrabec Publishing
eaglemode worldcitizen Education
easystroke javierllorente X11:Utilities
ec-fonts-mftraced puzel M17N
efax sbrabec hardware
elinks puzel network
emelfm2 jreidinger GNOME:Apps
epos anicka multimedia:apps
esmska mvyskocil Java:packages
exifprobe sbrabec graphics
ext3grep puzel filesystems
faenza-icon-theme ketheriel GNOME:Apps
falcon mrdocs, Milliams devel:languages:misc
fbi puzel graphics
festival-czech -miska- multimedia:apps
festival-czech-voice-ph -miska- multimedia:apps
flickrfs prusnak filesystems
fossil prusnak devel:tools:scm
FreeFileSync etamPL filesystems
freerdp prusnak X11:RemoteDesktop
fritzing prusnak Education
fsarchiver Lazy_Kent filesystems
fsniper etamPL filesystems
fwbuilder worldcitizen security
gaupol prusnak multimedia:apps
gbdfed prusnak M17N
gcalcli -miska- utilities
gengetopt puzel utilities
ginac pgajdos Education
GLC_lib etamPL games
GLC_Player etamPL games
gle-graphics mvyskocil Publishing
glipper vuntz GNOME:Apps
glom vuntz GNOME:Apps
glpk pgajdos science
gnome-vfs-obexftp vuntz GNOME:Apps
gnomeradio sbrabec GNOME:Apps
golly prusnak Education
goocanvasmm vuntz GNOME:Apps
googlecl prusnak utilities
gource prusnak devel:tools:scm
gparted puzel filesystems
gpointing-device-settings vuntz GNOME:Apps
graphthing pgajdos Education
gromit vuntz GNOME:Apps
grsync puzel network
gtk-recordMyDesktop vuntz GNOME:Apps
gtkwhiteboard prusnak X11:Utilities
haguichi etamPL network
hamachi etamPL network
hdf5 pgajdos science
hdjmod theMarix hardware
hping mseben network
hugs98 m4r3k devel:languages:haskell
hypermail prusnak server:mail
icoutils Lazy_Kent graphics
iksemel m4r3k devel:libraries:c_c++
ipe radomir_cernoch Publishing
java3d elvigia Java:packages
jcalendar mvyskocil Java:packages
jgoodies-forms mvyskocil Java:packages
jgoodies-looks mvyskocil Java:packages
jigdo AndreasStieger network
jpeg2ps sbrabec Publishing
jreleaseinfo mvyskocil Java:packages
jwhois puzel network
kadu-qt4 Fisiu network
kamix prusnak multimedia:apps
keepassx Lazy_Kent security:passwordmanagement
knemo pbleser network
kvirustotal saigkill security
l2fprod-common mvyskocil Java:packages
LabPlot prusnak Education
lavaps puzel X11:Utilities
ledgersmb vbotka ?
lemon mrdocs devel:libraries:c_c++
lesspipe puzel utilities
lha sbrabec Archiving
libdesktop-agnostic etamPL ?
libfwbuilder worldcitizen network
libgdamm vuntz GNOME:Apps
libgloox elvigia devel:libraries:c_c++
libgrapple etamPL games
libhl2 etamPL games
libmjson prusnak devel:libraries:c_c++
libmuparser prusnak devel:libraries:c_c++
libnut sbrabec multimedia:libs
libpcd2 prusnak graphics
librep vuntz GNOME:Apps
libtomcrypt0 aledr devel:libraries:c_c++ rename main package to
libtommath0 aledr devel:libraries:c_c++ rename main package to
libtorrent-rasterbar Fisiu devel:libraries:c_c++
libtranslate elchevive devel:libraries:c_c++
libucl1 theMarix devel:libraries:c_c++ rename main package to libucl
libxmlsec1 aledr, decriptor devel:libraries:c_c++ rename main
package to libxmlsec
logstalgia prusnak network
lsb-appchk-webui jdluhos LSB
lsb-build-cc jdluhos LSB
lsb-buildenv jdluhos LSB
lsb-misctest jdluhos LSB
lsb-tet3-lite jdluhos LSB
lynis saigkill security
maildirtree -miska- server:mail
mathomatic ggesslein science
maxima m4r3k science
metapixel prusnak graphics
minitube prusnak multimedia:apps
MonoOSC tittiatcoke openSUSE:Tools
mozldap wrosenauer mozilla
mucommander radomir_cernoch Java:packages
muine vuntz GNOME:Apps
n2n mvidner network
nachocalendar mvyskocil Java:packages
nautilus-image-converter vuntz GNOME:Apps
NeoTool worldcitizen hardware
nfswatch aledr, mseben network
nmzmail puzel server:mail
notecase jreidinger X11:Utilities
noteedit prusnak multimedia:apps
notifyconf ketheriel GNOME:Ayatana
nvdock etamPL hardware
ocaml-camlp5 radomir_cernoch devel:languages:misc
octave pgajdos science
octave-forge pgajdos science
odt2txt etamPL Publishing
opencsg prusnak graphics
openproj mvyskocil ?
openscad prusnak graphics
osc-contrib mvyskocil openSUSE:Tools
osmo jreidinger X11:Utilities
pam_encfs mvyskocil Linux-PAM
paperkey puzel security
pcal puzel Publishing
pdf2djvu Lazy_Kent Publishing
pdfjam puzel Publishing
pekwm -miska- X11:windowmanagers
pekwm-theme-adriano -miska- X11:windowmanagers
pencil prusnak graphics
perl-Gnome2 saigkill devel:languages:perl
perl-Gnome2-Canvas saigkill devel:languages:perl
perl-Gnome2-GConf saigkill devel:languages:perl
perl-Gnome2-VFS saigkill devel:languages:perl
perl-Gnome2-Wnck saigkill devel:languages:perl
perl-Gtk2-Unique saigkill devel:languages:perl
perl-HTML-Encoding pgajdos devel:languages:perl
perl-HTML-Tidy pgajdos devel:languages:perl
perl-macros saigkill devel:languages:perl
perl-Net-SMTP-SSL elvigia devel:languages:perl
perl-Set-IntSpan pgajdos devel:languages:perl
perl-SGML-Parser-OpenSP pgajdos devel:languages:perl
perl-X11-Protocol saigkill devel:languages:perl
pgfouine m4r3k server:php:applications
pgp4pine puzel server:mail
photocd prusnak graphics
php5-gtk worldcitizen devel:languages:php
php5-pecl-cairo worldcitizen devel:languages:php
php5-pecl_http elvigia devel:languages:php
php5-xcache elvigia devel:languages:php
picocom mseben hardware
pidgin-bot-sentry sbrabec GNOME:Apps
pidgin-guifications vuntz GNOME:Apps
pisg prusnak server:irc
playitslowly mvyskocil multimedia:apps
pngtoico theMarix graphics
poedit prusnak M17N
polyml radomir_cernoch devel:languages:misc
premake4 etamPL devel:tools:building
proftpd mseben network
proguard mvyskocil Java:packages
prune lumnis hardware
psi+ nirdosh network
pspdftool -miska- Publishing
pv prusnak utilities
python-distribute mrdocs devel:languages:python
python-enchant jreidinger, elchevive devel:languages:python
python-fuse prusnak devel:languages:python
python-iCalendar saigkill devel:languages:python
python-Levenshtein mrdocs devel:languages:python
python-ontapi m4r3k devel:languages:python
python-psycopg2 mrdocs devel:languages:python
python-ReportLab tittiatcoke devel:languages:python
python-Skype4Py wrosenauer devel:languages:python
python-strongwind rawang devel:languages:python
python-xklavier etamPL devel:languages:python
python-yapps2 mvyskocil devel:languages:python
pytyle puzel X11:windowmanagers
q4wine Lazy_Kent Emulators
qamix prusnak multimedia:apps
qBittorrent Fisiu network
qcad prusnak graphics
qdevelop Fisiu devel:tools:ide
qgamex m4r3k games
qps Lazy_Kent X11:Utilities
QtSpim etamPL Emulators
quassel hgraeber network
quazip etamPL devel:libraries:c_c++
quitcount puzel, mseben X11:Utilities
quvi mvyskocil multimedia:apps
qwt peternixon, plater Education
radare prusnak devel:tools
rawstudio prusnak graphics
recordmydesktop vuntz GNOME:Apps
redshift ajorgensen, MasterPatricko X11:Utilities
remmina lijews X11:RemoteDesktop
remmina-gnome lijews X11:RemoteDesktop
remmina-plugins lijews X11:RemoteDesktop
remmina-xfce lijews X11:RemoteDesktop
rep-gtk vuntz GNOME:Apps
ripmime aledr server:mail
rkhunter saigkill security
rox-filer matejcik X11:Utilities
rpmorphan prusnak utilities
RpmSpecManager tittiatcoke openSUSE:Tools
s3cmd mludvig, elvigia Virtualization:Cloud
sane-frontends puzel X11:Utilities
sawfish vuntz GNOME:Apps
scala lumnis, NrcErik Java:packages
scarse sbrabec X11:Utilities
scheme48 mvyskocil devel:languages:misc
schemik mvyskocil devel:languages:misc
screenie lumnis X11:Utilities
shutter saigkill X11:Utilities
siga saigkill server:monitoring
sl radomir_cernoch utilities
slim prusnak X11:Utilities
slim-themes prusnak X11:Utilities
smtp-cli mludvig server:mail
smugbatch a_jaeger filesystems
specto vuntz GNOME:Apps
spim etamPL Emulators
spin radomir_cernoch devel:tools
srtp sbrabec devel:libraries:c_c++
sshguard lrupp security
subdownloader prusnak multimedia:apps
surl puzel utilities
susepaste -miska- utilities
svn2cl etamPL devel:tools:scm
svrcore wrosenauer security
SyntaxHighlighting tittiatcoke openSUSE:Tools
tangerine vuntz GNOME:Apps
task prusnak utilities
tcpjunk puzel network
terminator elvigia GNOME:Apps
tesseract puzel Publishing
TeXmacs saigkill Publishing
tgif prusnak graphics
throttle prusnak utilities
tilda -miska- GNOME:Apps
tor m4r3k, AndreasStieger network
tork m4r3k network
tp_smapi-kmp radomir_cernoch hardware
trace-wrappers sbrabec devel:tools
translate-toolkit elchevive M17N
trickle sbrabec network
tscreen randybb utilities
tsocks elvigia network
tuncfg etamPL network
ucspi-tcp aledr network
unetbootin prusnak hardware
unoconv etamPL Publishing
upnp-inspector vuntz GNOME:Apps
upx theMarix Archiving
v8 tittiatcoke network:chromium?
vidalia saigkill network
vifm puzel utilities
virtaal elchevive M17N
vlna prusnak Publishing
vorbisgain theMarix multimedia:apps
vrfy prusnak server:mail
w3c-markup-validator bornemann, pgajdos XML
whohas saigkill network
wklej etamPL utilities
workrave sbrabec X11:Utilities
wxMaxima m4r3k science
xabacus sbrabec Education
xapian-core tittiatcoke server:search
xboard sbrabec, apersaud games
xdaliclock prusnak X11:Utilities
xdotool -miska- X11:Utilities
xicc prusnak X11:Utilities
xlhtml prusnak Publishing
xlogmaster saigkill X11:Utilities
xls2csv etamPL Publishing
xmbase-grok prusnak X11:Utilities
xorg-x11-utils-xfontsel saigkill X11:Utilities
xsw prusnak X11:Utilities
xtem prusnak Publishing
xtrace pgajdos X11:Utilities
xxdiff elvigia, puzel utilities
yabs lumnis ?
yafc mseben utilities
yagf Lazy_Kent Publishing
yaps prusnak hardware
zint prusnak graphics
60 prusnak
32 puzel
25 etamPL
20 saigkill
21 vuntz
20 mvyskocil
19 sbrabec
12 pgajdos
12 -miska-
11 elvigia
10 m4r3k
9 worldcitizen
8 tittiatcoke
8 radomir_cernoch
7 mseben
7 Lazy_Kent
7 aledr
6 mrdocs
5 theMarix
5 jdluhos
5 Fisiu
4 wrosenauer
4 lumnis
4 lijews
4 jreidinger
4 elchevive
2 ketheriel
2 peternixon
2 mludvig
2 matejcik
2 aledr
1 rawang
1 vbotka
1 digitaltomm
1 decriptor
1 bornemann
1 randybb
1 pbleser
1 nirdosh
1 mvidner
1 Milliams
1 MasterPatricko
1 lrupp
1 javierllorente
1 csbuild
1 hgraeber
1 andtecheu
1 ggesslein
1 garloff
1 NrcErik
1 plater
1 bmanojlovic
1 apersaud
1 anicka
1 AndreasStieger
1 AndreasStieger
1 ajorgensen
1 a_jaeger
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