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Re: [opensuse-conference] conference a4 full page ad
On Tuesday 11 June 2013 14:05:16 Carlos Ribeiro wrote:
my favorite suggestion is the next one

that have all artistis involved, Andy desgin, Cassio proposal for
logo, and me adding a shadow to the "openSUSE Conference 2013"

I talked to Andi and he added the openSUSE Conference logo to the poster in
the top-right, like you proposed - I also think that looks nice and as you
said, it is good to promote ourselves consistently.

That is also why we used the official conference logo we use everywhere
else, not the one you use here - sorry, but that isn't the official logo...

About the shadow, I personally like your version more but andi does not and
I asked Camila and she said the shadow is adding too much effect: keep it

She actually liked the advertisement so much she said she'd hang up a poster
in our bedroom with this geeko...

Perhaps we could turn this into a general openSUSE poster, we need some good
designs (see

And Carlos, if you want to work on artwork - help prepare the booth box!
There's a load of work to be done there, with designs needed for all kinds
of things (from postcards to posters to banners to flags to...) and it all
has to be generic openSUSE: not related to the conference or any specific
release. This geeko picture is great for that, perhaps we have or can find
other geeko pictures useful for this purpose?

Anyway. I set to work on the banners we needed. After a while Camila told me
it was 23:00 and I shouldn't be working but go take a shower (and yell at
SUSE for not having a designer so their community manager has to play
designer). She then kicked me away from my computer and while I took my
shower she made this:

Which is the banner I send to Linux Magazin, together with the one-page
advertisement, last version of Andi.

Thanks everybody ;-)

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