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Re: [opensuse-conference] IRC feedback
On Monday 27 May 2013 00:24:25 Pavlos Ratis wrote:

As Stella said we are provisioning for live streaming. In addition for
IRC users, I could easily create an IRC bot which announces the
upcoming/current presentations.
For more details about the presentations and other stuff, we could
have the social media guys with (+)voice in #opensuse-conference

Regarding the questions, we could use the #osc13 hashtag and something
like #room1, #room2, etc to match them easily. Another way is to
inform viewers-geekos to apply their questions by replying/commenting
to the specific social media announcement of the presentation. Then
the volunteer who will be responsible in the room should collect some
questions and ask the presenter.

That sounds like a good idea, yes. Have the volunteer in the room collect
questions from IRC during the question part...


On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 11:21 AM, Stella Rouzi (differentreality)

<stella.rouzi@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 7:22 AM, Andy Silva <anditosan1000@xxxxxxxxx>
Jos Poortvliet wrote:

Lots of people will be at oSC but many can't be there unfortunately.
In a
with Christian Boltz (who can't be there either) we thought it'd be
somehow, those not there could participate. Of course this is a
hard problem. We do use IRC and remotely, some people will participate
happened last year.

But wouldn't there be a way to make this more visible? Having an IRC
per room, visible on a second beamer perhaps, or on a screen? What do
think, is it possible?


Being unable to participate is tough. We are truly a worldwide
community and not always can we be together in one place. There can be
instances when our participation, that of those not in attendance, is
needed for some simple tasks. That is the moment when, I think, Google
Hangouts, Skype, or live streaming is needed.

I do like IRC, but IRC, as well as the other alternatives, need someone
in charge that can update the channel with news and proceeding so that
those attending online can know if this or that event is of importance
to them. Not to mention that it could be of importance to an even
wider audience than the community.

I would suggest, if possible, to feature means of communication with
conference. However, assign a community participant to update the
channels and add content to it. Last time I was at the openSUSE
Summit, I broadcasted my presentation via live stream, and although it
was a good idea, I was unable to moderate the live stream channel
because I was on stage.

Andy (anditosan)

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we are provisioning for live streaming.

Anything additional I guess falls into the volunteering tasks.
We would need a volunteer per room to monitor the relevant IRC
channel, gather questions from there and ask these questions to the
speaker later on. That means we need an extra laptop in the room, but
I guess pretty much every volunteer will come with their laptop.

Is that what you have in mind Jos?

But this is something we can setup like 3 days prior to the conference,

I guess with the right amount of volunteers, we can make this happen
fairly easily.
(We currently have 23 people that volunteered through the 'Volunteers
Form' - Video Team volunteers included).

Is there something you can think of that we need to take care of in
advance? --
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