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Re: [opensuse-conference] Re: article about oSC sessions!
On Wednesday 05 June 2013 11:30:49 Jos Poortvliet wrote:
On Tuesday 04 June 2013 12:36:22 Andy Silva wrote:
differentreality wrote:
On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 12:58 PM, Jos Poortvliet<jos@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Monday 03 June 2013 14:49:49 Andy Silva wrote:
Jos Poortvliet wrote:

We need to get people to register and book for the openSUSE
soon as possible. What better way than to tease them with some
interesting sessions they would be able to enjoy?

Our paper committee has made some executive decisions and the first
sessions are decided upon. Awesome, as that means we can start to
advertise them!

The sessions include keynote speakers opening every day (Georg
Friday, Michael Miller on Saturday and yours truly on Sunday) and
25-30 confirmed sessions.

That should give us plenty to write about, heck, we can probably do
number of articles if we want. But that requires some writing help!

I would propose to do 4 articles. One about the keynote speakers
one in each of the three main areas of talks: Community& Project;
Tech and openWorld.

I will write the first of the three main areas, show at least one
doing it. Who's up for picking a 2nd and who does a 3rd? And who
like to talk to our (more or less) esteemed keynote speakers and
out what they will talk about?


I would love to participate! I am willing to write about the other
subjects but if more contributors would like to pick a subject,
go ahead and I will just do one.

1) Community& Project (Jos)

I will try to make a draft asap so you have some idea on how to do

2) Geeko Tech (Andy)
3) Open World (Andy)

The conference team will have to give you access to the events here:

Henne, you are probably in charge of this?!?

Jos, can you expand on the articles 2 and 3?

Let me make something so you have an idea of how to do it.
look at under program - Henne featured a few
talks there, too. We need to make people sign up for oSC and get
asses going.

So we should pick a number of talks with a potentially wide appeal
feature them in these articles. Geeko Tech has for example the OBS
Packaging or Maintenance workshops by Henne and a talk about openQA&
a workshop about creating openQA tests. Open World has a talk for
on Rails developers, a talk about Btrfs, LVM and Snapper, a talk
using Puppet and so on. These can all use some attention :D


Thank you

Andy please create an account in OSEM and I can give you access then.

I am not sure what OSEM is. :D

Go to the link I gave:

and create an account. OSEM = Open Source Event Management (our tool for
handling the visitors and content of oSC).

By the way, I think that confirmed talks should become public in OSEM so
we can link to them in the article. Are there any reasons not to do that
other than "but it might change*"?

* then we can never release the schedule as things are bound to change
even DURING the event

First draft. I think there won't be enough content to really do three
articles, so I'm thinking we should do one after all. Andy, if you can give
writing about the other parts a shot, that would be great. Of course, once
you have access to the tool... I'll keep working on my part. See for a first start.

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