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Re: [opensuse-conference] Inform speakers about video recording/streaming
On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 5:39 PM, Juergen Weigert <jw@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On May 15, 13 17:15:26 +0300, differentreality wrote:
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Submissions that checkmark none of the above, are rejected.
Submissions that do *not* checkmark the second, or do checkmark the third
item are contacted before acceptance.

I like the idea of the checkbox.

However I am not sure I like the option of disagreement.

We can reassure implicit agreement again at the front door. This is what we
regularly use here in Nuremberg:

This weakens the '[x] I have an issue' checkmark, as we can alway argue:
"... but you went by that notice, so the issue cannot be that serious."
In the essence that when you join such a conference you should expect
at the very least that people will be taking photos. Video recordings
and live streaming is what everybody wants from such a conference. And
it's a bit problematic if a speaker does not want to be recorded, last
year's organization can offer more details on that, since there was an

I wholeheartedly agree with your feelings and expectations. But this is
about the case we get into a conflict. A code of conduct is very similar in
nature. 99% of all people would call ist redundant and feel no need to have
strict rules. But it suddenly becomes an important tool when we get
into an issue.

I'd be happy to deal with speakers that do not want to be recorded.
If nothing can be done, we have no problem to switch off the cameras.

I mean if you don't want to be recorded/live streamed/photographed,
maybe this isn't the kind of events you should join and talk to?

True. I don't expect that in general. But strange things happen.

Example: A 'junior' speaker ventures into a controversial subject
and spots stronly opinionated (or 'senior') people in the audience.
He asks us to only record the talk, but not the discussion.

Fair... But still part of the whole conference experience as far as I
am concerned.


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So final idea is:

1. TEXT - Add the following checkboxes in proposal submission:

[ ] I agree to be photographed or video taped while I am speaker or
audience. I acknowledge that the material is intended for upload to
public redistribution platforms, live and on demand.

[ ] Recordings, photos and other content I contribute can be redistributed
under CC-BY-SA-3.0 [].

[ ] I have an issue with that. Please contact me.
Details: ___________________________________

Juergen, Ciaran Farrell can you please confirm?

2. IMPLEMENTATION - The checkboxes can be present either in submission
proposal page or in the attendee registration page.

In the first case, this probably means those checkboxes must be
disabled at some point after acceptance (assuming something is checked
- or if not checked, they must be checked and only after speaker can

What's an easy and fast way to implement this?
Because we don't have much time, if we put this in the proposal
submission page we needed it done like yesterday, since we will start
acceptances/rejections of proposals ASAP.

Does it make sense to put it in the registration page?
-It's more difficult for Program Committee to follow-up. A speaker can
easily not be registered at the conference when submits a proposal or
until his/her talk proposal is accepted.
- But we kind of need the same in the registration page anyway for
attendees. But for attendees it is difficult to track whomever doesn't
like to be recorded or whatever. Would it sound ok, legally, to write
at the third checkbox "I have an issue with that, I will make sure I
avoid cameras" or sth?

3. If first checkbox gets checked, the second one perhaps should be
required to be checked as well?
(Or what they allow us to video record them, just not share this
recording with anyone?)
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