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Re: [opensuse-conference] artwork for FOSDEM
  • From: Jos Poortvliet <jos@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2013 12:44:46 +0100
  • Message-id: <1849518.Z3CSVvRk9I@linux-6upc>
On Thursday 24 January 2013 19:55:28 Kostas Koudaras wrote:
2013/1/24 Jos Poortvliet <jos@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Alberto (SUSE employee at the openSUSE team) has tested printing some of
the poster proposals as well as the folding cube and tux that Carlos
proposed. I then had a chat with Agustin about the budget
possibilities. The results:

* ChamaleonBust_white - PERFECT
Needs feedback - it's simple to print but I'm guessing nobody likes it
much... Should we bother with this one?
* cube - Colors are good, the size is really small on a4
Needs updating for oSC and (later) for openSUSE 12.3 ;-)
* tux - small, colors ok. size needs to be a3 like cube.
Needs updating for oSC and oS 12.3 (later)
ng * poster4 Nearly perfect. Dark, but no dust or granularity in the
background We can print them if you're all OK with it.
9836673/5836469661330058898?banner=pwa * poster.png (white tower) -
Colors are ok, the background has some dust, is granular and not as
smooth as in the image.
Needs a bit of updating: lighter image, smoother?

We can print everything and we have budget for say 2x10 big and 2x20
small posters and a nice bunch of folding things (say 100 or so of

What we need now is final versions of everything to be printed by
SUNDAY, Jan 27 24:00.

Carlos, if you can update the cube and tux things with an oSC design,
maybe andi and/or others have ideas on how and what - then we can print
those. I do need SVG versions in A3/A4 so we can generate the right
PDF's in terms of size and CMYK etc requirements...

I would Go for this:
g And This:
36673/5836469661330058898?banner=pwa As our 2 posters

Yeah, that's what I saidâ„¢ but the one with the white tower (blood tower?)
needs changes to be printable. It's too dark now.

Andi, Poster4 is perfect so we can print those. I saw some want it more
greenish and all - you fight it out and send me a SVG on A3 format by
deadline and I'll get it printed ;-)

Tell me if we should print the white one.

For a postcard I think the 'summer is coming' from Carlos is incredibly
It's black and white, I'm sure we can print it. But it, too, needs
And postcard size.

So my proposal is:
* Andi finishes and sends the poster he designed to me
* Carlos talks to others here and works with them to update the folding
thingies with oSC artwork. Separate openSUSE 12.3 artwork versions and a
new OBS one we keep for later :D
* Carlos cleans up the summer-is-coming and gets me a SVG of that for
* I make sure it all gets printed
* we have a big, virtual grouphug at FOSDEM about this :D

What about it, can we make oSC promo kick ass at FOSDEM?

Needless to ask :P
We will go and Rock their world


I would Go for this:
g And This:
36673/5836469661330058898?banner=pwa As our 2 posters
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