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[opensuse-conference] artwork for FOSDEM
  • From: Jos Poortvliet <jos@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 17:42:12 +0100
  • Message-id: <8956446.FjmKFcTTP8@linux-6upc>

Alberto (SUSE employee at the openSUSE team) has tested printing some of the
poster proposals as well as the folding cube and tux that Carlos proposed. I
then had a chat with Agustin about the budget possibilities. The results:

* ChamaleonBust_white - PERFECT
Needs feedback - it's simple to print but I'm guessing nobody likes it
much... Should we bother with this one?
* cube - Colors are good, the size is really small on a4
Needs updating for oSC and (later) for openSUSE 12.3 ;-)
* tux - small, colors ok. size needs to be a3 like cube.
Needs updating for oSC and oS 12.3 (later)
* poster4 Nearly perfect. Dark, but no dust or granularity in the background
We can print them if you're all OK with it.
* poster.png (white tower) - Colors are ok, the background has some dust, is
granular and not as smooth as in the image.
Needs a bit of updating: lighter image, smoother?

We can print everything and we have budget for say 2x10 big and 2x20 small
posters and a nice bunch of folding things (say 100 or so of each).

What we need now is final versions of everything to be printed by SUNDAY, Jan
27 24:00.

Carlos, if you can update the cube and tux things with an oSC design, maybe
andi and/or others have ideas on how and what - then we can print those. I
do need SVG versions in A3/A4 so we can generate the right PDF's in terms of
size and CMYK etc requirements...

Andi, Poster4 is perfect so we can print those. I saw some want it more
greenish and all - you fight it out and send me a SVG on A3 format by the
deadline and I'll get it printed ;-)

Tell me if we should print the white one.

For a postcard I think the 'summer is coming' from Carlos is incredibly
It's black and white, I'm sure we can print it. But it, too, needs svg...
And postcard size.

So my proposal is:
* Andi finishes and sends the poster he designed to me
* Carlos talks to others here and works with them to update the folding
thingies with oSC artwork. Separate openSUSE 12.3 artwork versions and a new
OBS one we keep for later :D
* Carlos cleans up the summer-is-coming and gets me a SVG of that for
* I make sure it all gets printed
* we have a big, virtual grouphug at FOSDEM about this :D

What about it, can we make oSC promo kick ass at FOSDEM?

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