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Re: [opensuse-conference] oSC13 Theme
On Sun, Jan 13, 2013 at 12:26 PM, Stella Rouzi (differentreality)
<stella.rouzi@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sat, Jan 12, 2013 at 12:05 PM, Stathis Iosifidis (aka diamond_gr)
<iefstathios@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Στις 11/01/2013 06:52 μμ, ο/η Andres Silva έγραψε:

On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 9:37 AM, Robert Schweikert <rjschwei@xxxxxxxx>

On 01/11/2013 07:44 AM, Henne Vogelsang wrote:

Hey Andres,

On 11.01.2013 02:25, Andres Silva wrote:

I thought of a couple of ideas today about a possible logo for osc 13.
I tried looking for iconic ideas about Greek culture. Hopefully this
early proposals can guide our thoughts.

Okay who does, decides! :-)

I especially like the second one.


The first image would make a great stand up poster for the registration,


SUSE-IBM Software Integration Center LINUX
Tech Lead
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I can work on both of them more over the weekend and see what comes out.

Andy (anditosan)

I liked them both.
Andy, I wrote something on Trello about my city. If you can also come up
with ideas about local logos:

There's a facebook page [1] with many pictures of my city.

The ultimate symbol is the White Tower [2].

Others are:

- Statue of Alexander the Great [3]

- Rotunda church (or mosque) [4]

- The arch of Galerious [4]

- International Trade Fair with the telecommunication tower [5]

- Castle of Thessaloniki [6]

There are also some places such as Ancient Market, Aristotelous square,
Navarino square, Port, Ladadika etc

I guess you can figure something out of that.




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Hey all :)

Friendly warning, this is one of those long emails of mine.

There was some controversy about the beach element.
Maybe we can solve it and satisfy both sides (me being one of those
that want the element of sea present).

One, of the many, characteristics of Thessaloniki is the fact that is
built literaly next to the sea.
Which means that in the center of Thessaloniki we have a promenade
where you can walk next to the sea [1].

I think we can use a photo of tha promenade to show the element of sea
without implying the totally relaxed scenery of beach/sun.

Moreover, the promenade at some points passes right in front of the
White Tower (the main symbol of Thessaloniki) [2].

I was thinking we could use the following (as a horizontal header,
basically for the website):
Promenade, left side White Tower, right side some other monument.
- Other monument:
* That could be a part of the walls of Thessaloniki [3] or the
Arch of Galerius [4]
* Or we can use Aristotelous Square. [5]
This is the most known square in Thessaloniki, it goes vertically in
the center of Thessaloniki and ends up by the sea. It is a bit farther
away from the White Tower, but if we use it, it will be as if we are
showing a miniature (ok, a bit out of porportion compared to real
distance) of Thessaloniki center (looking at it from the sea). There
are excellent photos of Aristotelous Square at night (and the rest,
promenade & White Tower could still be shown in daylight) and make
some sort of contrast. (IF that would look nice, because my artwork
skills are non-existent)

- Geeko:
* We can have a geeko on the white tower (now our artist can further
work with contrast and angles and blur to actually show the geeko
* Or perhaps some family-geeko walking down the promenade towards
the White Tower

Also, a long shot: It would look extremely sophisticated (and would
depict some more historical and cultural sense, which is what we want
to give) if we did not use photos but a hand sketch of all the above.
@Andy: I saw you did the logo drafts by hand and I got ideas in my
head. As I said, longshot but I thought it was worth mentioning just
in case.


Absolutely great logo drafts, both of them.
I would not, however, go with the first one, because it reminds more
of Parthenon (which is a major symbol of Greece, but is in Athens, not
in Thessaloniki) and that could be confusing.

I find the connotation of the second really amusing actually (in a good way).
It is interesting and definitely takes you to another era.

Depending on the header image, if we go with geek on white tower, that
could also be made into a logo.

Or geeko with leaves (2nd draft) can be put on white tower.
And we also have the idea of Juergen for geeko in thinker pose, which
goes very very well with 2nd logo draft.

Motto/Theme: I am not very good at this, and I just want to make a note of
Going through all the emails that were sent over and over again, the
words I saw made a pattern (if put in correct order), a pattern of
Greece's history.
There were words like culture, philosophy, history, freedom and then
we have Power to the Geeko for possible motto and then we wanted some
"Future" reference and to put a bit of the word play inside and
associate it with critical thinking (maybe as in thinking before
playing, sth like Robert mentioned).

So what comes in my mind, reads sth like that:

Past - Present - Future: Power to the Geeko
History of the past has cultivated the greek culture of philosophy and
critical thinking, and shaped the sense of democracy, as we know it
As history went along, there was war and struggle to get Freedom for Greece.
The fight for Freedom ultimately offered independence and (modern)
democracy, which we presently enjoy.
Thinking about the future, we have to preserve democracy and use it to
people's best interest.
Power has to come together with critical thinking for the general/wider good.
Using one's power has to be about motivation of other people to create
and build stuff using all their abilities, aiming to providing joy and
well-being for everybody.

I hope that we all get how these things coincide quite a bit with
openSUSE community, Jos presented most of it in his email.

We are definitely going for more power to the community, we have a
more community-organized event this year and we intend to make it a
successful one (defining successful as: having many interesting talks,
increasing number of workshops so that some actual work can be done
during conf, happy attendees that fulfill their goals to meet people,
attend interesting presentations and leave with a bit of extra
So we have Power to the community (and prove that community can take
the power and build stuff and take the community one step ahead), the
power of the Geeko! Because geeko can!
So we have to Think, Create and Develop.

Do you also see some combination of these texts as the next
announcement we make about osc?
The idea is that we make 1 announcement before we announce CFP, right?
An announcement to give to people the whole concept behind the conf.
Maybe some greek elements are nice (note how nicely Robert has already
used in the call for volunteers the word plethora), even a bit of
greek history (not boring endless lines, one-two lines if they can be
combined with openSUSE history/goal/vision).

Now decision of motto is something that makes my life difficult,
because I liked a bunch of them.

* Power to the Geeko
[I like it because it goes straight to the point. The geeko has power.
The geeko will now do stuff. Power to the Geeko. *Maybe* the word
power has some bad connotations as well, but still it sounds strong
and confident. ]

* Think, Create, Develop
[This can be more like a sub-motto? And we can use it to finish the
articles too. Think. Create. Develop. Power to the Geeko!]

* The voyage to freedom
[This I also like a lot! I find it to fit nicely with greek and
openSUSE history. Is it just me? Would nicely go at the end of
articles too, I think. Think. Create. Develop. Off to the voyage
to/for freedom. I like the fact that we put inside the word voyage
which is french, the whole thing starts getting an actual
international sense. And freedom implies power too in some way.]

* The port of freedom
[Same as the above but I like voyage better.]

* Off to new shores: The Green Voyage
[I am not sure if we want to talk about change (again). I feel I have
heard about change quite a few in the project. Maybe we don't need to
shout change any more, and focus to stability and certainty instead.
Certainty also having an implication for steady/realiable software

Random note: Juergen wrote in his email "Power to ThesSUSEniki", in
greek that actually read as "Power to the SUSE win" (niki = win in

More inspiration for the artwork team could also be found in the
geeko-stories video of Pavlos:

[1] Promenade in Thessaloniki:

[2] The white tower:

[3] The walls of Thessaloniki:
Go to 00:39 until 00:54 in the video

[4] The arch of Galerius:

[5] Aristotelous Square:

Thinking about the future references that were made, I have an
alternative logo to propose.

Instead of going with the more tranditional/retro design we are
currently exploring, we could also consider a more futuristic one.

A very modern photo of the white tower with a geeko on top of it:
White tower photo taken during night, with the different lightning and
all [1] with a photo of the huge geeko that we had in Prague [2].
Something that looks more modern and surrealistic, a very vivid image
with bright shiny colors (like the ones used in posters for science
fiction movies).

Photos are of course samples, just so that you can get a rough idea of
what I am talking about.

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