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Re: [opensuse-conference] Accomodation for openSUSE Conference
Alan Clark - 17:24 16.04.12 wrote:

On 4/16/2012 at 05:31 AM, Michal Hrusecky <michal@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

still no news from University, but let's hope that everything will go
well and let's start talking about possibilities of accommodation. I took
a look at what university offers and here are few interesting options,
most of it is Hotel/Hostel part of dormitories:

Next door to the university, 84 beds with own bathroom and kitchen, one
person room 650 CZK ~ 26 EUR. Two bed room 990 CZK ~ 36 EUR. Rooms
should be accessible for people with disabilities.

Short walk away from university, cca 1km, 173 beds with own bathroom,
reconstruction in 2004. One bed room 800 CZK ~ 32 EUR, two bed room 1200
CZK ~ 48 EUR.

Three star hotel and conference room with 64 beds, own bathrooms, TV,
internet, rooms should accessible for people with disabilities, parking
place, breakfast included. One person room for 1320 CZK ~ 53 EUR, two
beds room 1690 CZK ~ 68 EUR. Quite close to the university as well (not
next door, but next block)

Haven't checked availabilities, whether do they speak English, hom many
rooms of what type will they have available in the time of conference
and how big discount can we get by booking in bulk in advance. What I
want to know is your opinion first, what else do we need to know and
then I'll go forward and ask them.

On the 3 star hotel you noted that they have conference rooms. If we
end up needing conference rooms outside of the University, we have
more bargaining ability with a block of rooms, but at the same time
they will want us to guarantee money on a set number of rooms. If we
don't need conference rooms I suggest that we don't put ourselves on
the hook for hotel rooms. Great if they'll block some rooms for us
without a cover charge, otherwise we should post the links and
encourage people to register early.

I posted the Hotel link mainly because we talked with Jos that some
people (some managers or other princesses) might be too picky to stay at
Hostel and will complain about not providing nice and shiny hotel to
stay in nearby. I'm going to mail all of them and ask about exact number of
rooms they'll have available, about their English skills and if they are
willing to give us some bulk discount. Just wanted to see the reactions
- give people on the mailing list time to complain ;-) Still depends on
location and time, which are still only probable :-(

Michal - would you add the hostel information you found to the wiki
and update that task page. That way we won't lose any of this great
information you've worked on finding.

Will put it somewhere after I'll get responses, actually I'm thinking
about putting it directly on conference webpage which should be source
of information in hopefully near future anyway.

Michal Hrusecky <Michal@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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