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[opensuse-conference] Re: Scouting openSUSE Conference locations - the surprise...
  • From: Jos Poortvliet <jos@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 14:00:51 +0200
  • Message-id: <1359592.MIRVqD0TQm@jostibak>
On Thursday 12 April 2012 23:57:53 Jos Poortvliet wrote:
So here's a pleasant surprise.

Michal and Theo are involved in the just-starting organization of a 'reboot'
of a well known local event (12 years of history): LinuxExpo. This used to
be organized by a conference-company but they've announced not to do that
this year.

A local team has decided to do it instead, working with the Technical
University of Praha (biggest technical university in the country, I'm told).
The team consists of openSUSE, Ubuntu, Gentoo people as well as chief
editors of the 3 major Linux magazine and university people. Michal and
Theo had an appointment to discuss the conference and I tagged along. The
team was unsure about their scope: go international or not? Theo suggested
to have a Gentoo side-event with about 50-70 people. We then suggested to
co-locate with openSUSE Conf!

The team liked the idea and we went over the basics:
- Location? 3 metro stops from the city center, 2 stops from the old city
- Rooms: all we want. 300 + 180 + 180 large rooms, plenty of small rooms.
- Catering: there is university catering but we can do what we want.
- Branding: go nuts.
- Date: please one week earlier than we wanted to do at KC.
- How many days: they wanted 2 days (sat & sun) but we can have Thur and Fri
if we pay a bit.
- What do they think: The team loves it. They get international exposure
'for free'. The university was so excited they promised to move whatever is
needed in their schedule to give us space on Thur and Fri...
- openSUSE 'identity': We start on Thur, Sat we open up. Enough time to just
hang with geeko's.
- CfP: We should collaborate with our CfP - there is plenty of overlap
between the local and global teams (gentoo, openSUSE & LinuxExpo). Just
think of a keynote by Greg KH :D
- Team: we work with the university and other people so it'll save us all
- Costs: It looks like we can afford it, it is in the same price range as
KC. We have a final cost picture tomorrow, Monday latest.
- Costs2: We and the Gentoo people need travel support - but the LinuxExpo
has an estimated total costs of about 1500 euro as they don't do that, have
a free location (university) and free marketing (the magazine people!).
- Sponsoring: we need to figure out the exact details but nobody is trying
to get rich of this so it should work out fine.
- Timeframe: we can probably have it all fixed by end of next week!
- Marketing: Awesomeness of course. With the main local magazines part of
the organization, we'll have all the local attention we want.
internationally, this looks really good too. We want to collaborate, this
is our chance! - University: all big geeks. They run Gentoo with KDE
desktops on their computers in the work rooms :D
- Language: We will have both Czech and English tracks. Bit of shuffling
should make sure there's always plenty going on for both language groups.
- Feeling: less cozy, more 'university'. Big building, not particularly
pretty or sweet. We need to bring some of that good old huggyness there.
Couches etc., not sure if there's a good spot for that but I think we can
find something.
- But but but didn't we sign something with KC already: no, Alan asked
Michael to hold off until we can decide on this new opportunity.

In short.

Crazy surprise, but everyone seems to love the idea and we can do it. It
fits our requirements and has many benefits.

I made a quick impression - it's much shorter as it was less prepared than
the KC one, but here you go:

Tomorrow around 15:00 EU time we have a meeting to discuss this, feedback
please asap so we can bring that to the table. We have to decide quickly.


We just heard back that unfortunately the university would NOT be available on
Thursday and Friday.

however, they suggested a hotel 8 minutes walking from the Uni:

This place would cost us about Eur 5K, so it is within budget according to
them. I'm guessing the uni has a deal with them. We will go and check it out
immediately, see if it is viable and try to be back in time for our 15:00
meeting. We might be a tad late for that, I hope others (Theo, please?) can
help set up the meeting and show the video's so at least everyone knows the
status a bit.

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