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[opensuse-conference] mailing lists for conf visitors
  • From: Jos Poortvliet <jos@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 23:51:45 +0200
  • Message-id: <1914625.IggtxGx0eV@linux-6upc>
I know we don't want more lists.

Yet here I am, asking for a total of 4 more lists. Serious.

First of all, the summit and the conference need an announcement mailing
list. That's basically an official SPAM list where you put people on who are
interested (just a box on the website where they enter their mail address,
no actual registration in indico needed) and who are registered.

- those who are interested but not sure yet need not register
- you can easily ping them next year: new conference coming! If you think it
doesn't work, maybe not for you. But it does work for quite a number of
people. Me, for example.

No, indico registration is no substitute. I know we can extract mail
addresses from it but it's far les convenient, error-prone and doesn't work
for those who just want to stay updated. And I want people to be able to
(un) subscribe more easily.

Yes, it's a very low-trafic list, 10-15 mails a year or so. But it IS
important. We COULD have one list for both conferences, but I prefer
separate to not spam people with info from both. It should be moderated of

Then, both conferences should idealy have a opensuse-X-participant list.
I've seen this at other confs and it is a great way to let the participants
talk to each other to arrange eg travel or hotel together. No, the other
openSUSE lists are no substitute - not all the visitors to our conference
are on -project or even CARE to be on it. Anyone who subscribes in indico
should be subscribed to this list. We mass-unsubscribe people a month after
the end of the conference/summit to not bother those who won't participate
next year.

So I'd like to ask for the creation of:

(maybe without the opensuse- part)

It'd be nice if we could have this quickly, esp the summit-announce, so we
can get people to give their mail address for that on the website when we announce on Thursday. But I'm sure we
can temporarily collect addresses if we don't manage that??

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