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Re: [opensuse-conference] Fwd: osc12 venue bids - Let's pick the dates
Alan Clark - 9:30 21.03.12 wrote:
- there is the biggest local Linux event (LinuxAlt) taking place on 3rd
and 4th November in Brno, so we should try not to overlap with them
- after CfP we might let people vote on talks and assign places based on
number of votes to make sure that we don't need to fit 200 people in
small room while big one will have 10 people

Pavol and Michal(s) thank you for visiting the site. The place looks
fun. Based on your report it sounds like the Zahrada is the place for

* Can we make this location work?

- Yes. The best days (1-4) would be Friday-Monday.

From the RFP, Zahrada said they were available October 21 - 28 and
November 12 -18. Those dates don't give us a Friday-Monday
combination. Based on that I'd like to suggest that we pick the week
of October 21-28. And target the following days for the conference:
Wednesday October 24: Conference Setup (do we need more than one day
for setup?) Thursday October 25: Conference Begins! Friday October
26: Conference Saturday October 27: Conference Last Day Sunday October
28: Teardown and cleanup

While we spoke to the lady responsible for renting the venue, she
suggested that it would be easier for them Friday - Monday, because
otherwise they would need to cancel/work around weekly events they have
there. I think it would be better even for us as we will have full
conference day on Sunday when more people can come. So it might be worth
asking them. And on Thursday there will be more people coming through
the center for other events. Friday should be calmer and Monday morning
as well. She also gave us her business card, so we can try to contact
her and clarify.

Everyone: Please check for conflicts with other open source events.

If everyone agrees I'll have Michael go ahead with the contract with
Zahrada. (Movenpick is pushing for an answer from us. I'll have
Michael tell them that we won't be choosing their site)

Michal Hrusecky <Michal@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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