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Re: [opensuse-conference] Fwd: osc12 venue bids
Hi all!

Two Michals and I visited KC Zahrada today. Answers to Jos questions
together with our insights are below.

TL;DR Zahrada is a nice venue and we think it can satisfy our needs. The
only problematic part is accomodation.

Interior photos:

Exterior photos:


* Can we make this location work?

- Yes. The best days (1-4) would be Friday-Monday.

* The large room, can that hold 250 if we're a bit flexible?

- Yes, 250 is OK

* The second-largest room (95m2) can that hold say 60-80 ppl if needed?

- 60 people is OK, but 80 is probably too much. 40-50 would be optimal,
but there are two such rooms (can't be merged together, thought)

* What about lunch, can we do that you think?

- There is an art studio upstairs that can serve as lunch area. Also
during the weekend and partially during Friday and Monday we could have
extra tables in the lobby.

* Can we supply our own drinks and such, do a bbq at night?
* Can they recommend catering?

- There is a cafeteria inside of the place. Zahrada owners would like us
to negotiate with the cafeteria on drinks and food supply. Covering big
demand shouldn't be an issue. Arranging own catering is not preferred.
Barbecue in garden is okay, though it might be quite cold for this in
the time the conference will be held.

* That heated tent, is that really gonna work?

- That could work, but would be probably quite expensive. We think
having a lunch in the art studio is a better option.

* How much do we have to prepare in terms of moving things around,
setting up sound for the talks, AV equipment?

There are projector and screens available in 3 rooms. The largest room
is equipped with speakers and microphone. Whiteboards are available in
some of the other rooms. Apart from art studio all rooms have white wall
somewhere in the worst case. We might want to add our own wireless APs
to have better coverage (there is wireless in the venue, but most
probably won't handle 250 people). There is a big plasma TV screen in
the lobby where we can have the schedule and/or arrows pointing to the

* How close is dinner food, hotels, transport... give an impression of
the place!

- 100m from the venue there are Lidl (grocery store), restaurant
(nothing really fancy or very big, but it has traditional Czech cuisine
and a bowling bar)
- 700m from the venue is an underground station (walking distance)
- 700m from the venue (at underground station) is a huge shopping mall
with a food court

- dormitories are close by (cca 500m) for cheap accomodation (150 people
max, prices up to 20EUR) or (different school, same location)

- for the usual hotel accomodation there are two options: and (both are
2/2,5 km from the venue - 2/4 stops by bus)

* Random notes
- we cannot stick posters to the wall with tape (standing posters are OK)
- on Friday and Monday there might be some children going through the
lobby to take their piano lessons
- there is the biggest local Linux event (LinuxAlt) taking place on 3rd
and 4th November in Brno, so we should try not to overlap with them
- after CfP we might let people vote on talks and assign places based on
number of votes to make sure that we don't need to fit 200 people in
small room while big one will have 10 people

Best Regards / S pozdravom,

openSUSE Boosters Team Lihovarska 1060/12
PGP 0xA6917144 19000 Praha 9
prusnak[at] Czech Republic
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