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Re: [opensuse-conference] travel sponsorship
On Monday 11 July 2011 11:55:41 Klaas Freitag wrote:
Am Sonntag 10 Juli 2011, 04:09:39 schrieb Izabel Valverde:
Please all, review the attached announcement. The exact process I don't
have clear yet. Should we set up a mail address and let people send
requests there? Or could indico help with this?

If we can easily set indico for it would be great otherwise we could
make a "osc_sponsorship_committee@xxxxxxxxxxxx" or something like
this. By email its not so easy to analyse but after have all
applications we can decide by irc the "5" together.

Indico could, but I think it makes more sense to do that on the list for
two reasons:
1. if the fields are in Indico, people might click "I need support" by
default. If they have to compose an email, its still a low barrier but
not sooo "oh, why shouldn't I try..."
2. Asking for sponsoring requires quite some data and people start to
line up alternatives etc etc. In Indico that would require a comparable
large amount of space and wouldn't be as flexible as mail.

So I recommend (closed) mailinglist.

Agreed. Henne, could you create a closed (but open for external mails)
travel_support@xxxxxxxxxxxx ML and subscribe who volunteered up to now:
Izabel, yourself, me.

Who else wants to help? Bruno? Just add him :D


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