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Re: [opensuse-conference] Registration Page online
On Friday 08 July 2011 12:26:53 Klaas Freitag wrote:

I configured the registration page now, it is available in Indico at

It is online and can be made public now.

Some cornerstones:
- For the registration, no Indico-Account is needed
- No hotel registration any more as we do not manage that this year
We have an overview of hotel stuff tnx to AJ's updates on the wiki, I think it might make sense
to make people aware of this in the registration page too. I'll mention it in
the article.

- There is a commuinty- and a professional ticket.

Ok, we have to say payment will/can/has to be done on the spot, I suppose. Or
does that invoice have info on payment, or?

It also doesn't have info on the prof ticket. Can you link to this:
(feedback on that page very much welcome)

Please check if it is ok with you.
@jos: Are you taking care for another marketing round like "Registration
now open" ?

So that's meant to go out on Monday, 15:00 EU time. I hope we can get the
above things done before then. Sorry for the late comments...


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