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Re: [opensuse-conference] Re: Let's talk keynote speakers!
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From: Izabel Valverde <valverde.izabel@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 2011/7/5
Subject: Re: [opensuse-conference] Re: Let's talk keynote speakers!
To: Andreas Jaeger <aj@xxxxxxxx>
Cc: opensuse-conference@xxxxxxxxxxxx, Jos Poortvliet <jos@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

2011/7/5 Andreas Jaeger <aj@xxxxxxxx>

On Monday, July 04, 2011 16:58:28 Izabel Valverde wrote:
2011/6/30 Jos Poortvliet <jos@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Let's try to re-start this discussion as we need to find keynote
speakers at some point :D

I think it does make a lot of sense to put Michael Miller in front of
the audience to talk about what openSUSE can expect from SUSE.

A second keynote I'd like to propose would be Aaron Seigo. He's a KDE
rockstar developer, excellent speaker, and head of the Plasma
development team. More importantly, and the reason I think he's a good
choice for a speaker, is that the Plasma hacker team has recently
started to experiment with new ways of collaborating. Keyword here:
Kanban. See an article mentioning this way of working here:

I must to say that Aaron would be a great keynote...

Aaron would probably be willing to give a keynote talking about
collaboration and working together, both on-line & face to face. I think
it could be very valuable for us as we, as a community, don't have much
experience with this yet.

Obviously, if any of you has an idea for someone else who could touch on
the same subject that'd be awesome! If not, I can contact Aaron next
week or so and ask him.

In either case, with a keynote about collaboration & a keynote about
SUSE we still have two slots available.

Based on what was discussed last time, we could do a 'history session'
or forum although I'd rather have a forward-looking thing. Maybe a few
opinionated, core techies together on stage, talking about future stuff?

And what other community member(s) could talk?

I was in a big brazilian conference called FISL and I had the chance
to talk with few interesting people. I step forward and invited them
to join us.


First Dennis Gilmore - He is Release Engineer at Red Hat for Fedora -
must to read Fedora Project Contributor ;-)
Second Lenz Grimmer - He knows a lot about openSUSE Conference and
unfortunately has no agenda for us, but said that will see the
possibility to sponsor us - maybe can send somebody else.

Lenz gave already a keynote at the first openSUSE conference.

Will you followup with him regarding sponsorship or shall I as I know him?

AJ, I would prefer that you keep the contact. He seems to be a very
nice guy but will feel "at home" talking to you. If you can would be
better keep with the sponsorship subject as well. I think just 1 point
of contact is better...

and the third and last - Cedric Thomas - OW2 - it's a Consortium with
solutions and the invitation had the intention to get sponsorship
cause they are dealing with Canonical for something big in Brazil and
the idea is pretty interesting and I thought we could make something
with them.

For these three I will need an invitation letter to garantee that they
will go by their own $efforts$ :-D

Will you take care of that letter?

I can do yes... If has something created I could use otherwise I'll
can create later today.

BTW do we have anyone invited to talk about LibreOffice or are we
interested? If so the brazilian guy would like to go!


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