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Re: [opensuse-conference] Re: Let's talk keynote speakers!
On Friday 01 July 2011 16:10:09 Klaas Freitag wrote:
Am Donnerstag 30 Juni 2011, 10:50:36 schrieb Jos Poortvliet:
Let's try to re-start this discussion as we need to find keynote
speakers at some point :D

Very good idea, thanks for pushing.

I think it does make a lot of sense to put Michael Miller in front of
the audience to talk about what openSUSE can expect from SUSE.

While I agree that it would be great to have that information at hand
for the conference, I wonder if that has to be a keynote, or if it
could be a press release for example. For me it depends if Michael
likes to take the opportunity to really enthuse the community, if he
wants, I am all for it.

Count on it. From my dealings at least with him this week I can say he's about
as enthusiatsic as it gets when it comes to openSUSE and he's quite clear in
what he wants - openSUSE to be the most awesome FOSS community. And as many
people in our community are still very much wanting to know the new SUSE and
management I think it makes sense to put him in front of the openSUSE audience
and let him prove himself ;-)

A second keynote I'd like to propose would be Aaron Seigo. He's a KDE
rockstar developer, excellent speaker, and head of the Plasma
development team. More importantly, and the reason I think he's a good
choice for a speaker, is that the Plasma hacker team has recently
started to experiment with new ways of collaborating. Keyword here:
Kanban. See an article mentioning this way of working here:

Aaron would probably be willing to give a keynote talking about
collaboration and working together, both on-line & face to face. I think
it could be very valuable for us as we, as a community, don't have much
experience with this yet.

Good idea, as Aaron obviously is a great speaker, and if he talks about
the collaboration topic, especially with a upstream <-> downstream focus it
would be great. I know he at least had issues with working downstreams,
why not talking about that.

I don't think we want a KDE Plasma Active Keynote. On the other hand I of
course hope that there will be quite a bunch of "normal" talks about
Plasma Active.

Yes, I didn't propose a Active talk - it's fun but not for a keynote.

In either case, with a keynote about collaboration & a keynote about
SUSE we still have two slots available.

What happened to Holgers offer to contact Gunter Dueck from IBM?

Does anybody have contacts to Intel to find somebody talking about what
they intend with the buildservice and MeeGo for example?

Would "Linux 3.0" be a topic? For whom?

I dunno, is Greg a fun speaker? I'm bet he'd be happy to talk...

What about a more political topic? We could contact somebody from . I would appreciate that as I think
at least one not so technical topic would be fine.

All good ideas :D


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