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[opensuse-conference] Re: Let's talk keynote speakers!
Let's try to re-start this discussion as we need to find keynote
speakers at some point :D

I think it does make a lot of sense to put Michael Miller in front of
the audience to talk about what openSUSE can expect from SUSE.

A second keynote I'd like to propose would be Aaron Seigo. He's a KDE
rockstar developer, excellent speaker, and head of the Plasma
development team. More importantly, and the reason I think he's a good
choice for a speaker, is that the Plasma hacker team has recently
started to experiment with new ways of collaborating. Keyword here:
Kanban. See an article mentioning this way of working here:

Aaron would probably be willing to give a keynote talking about
collaboration and working together, both on-line & face to face. I think
it could be very valuable for us as we, as a community, don't have much
experience with this yet.

Obviously, if any of you has an idea for someone else who could touch on
the same subject that'd be awesome! If not, I can contact Aaron next
week or so and ask him.

In either case, with a keynote about collaboration & a keynote about
SUSE we still have two slots available.

Based on what was discussed last time, we could do a 'history session'
or forum although I'd rather have a forward-looking thing. Maybe a few
opinionated, core techies together on stage, talking about future stuff?

And what other community member(s) could talk?


On 2011-05-28 Jos wrote:
Hi all,

let's put our new list to good use! We need to find 4 keynote
speakers for the conference. Below some suggestions (most are not
mine as I simply don't know many possible keynote speakers).

* Bob Sutor, IBM: Inspirational speaker, great thinker, and for a
business guy keeps his eye on the Big Picture
* Diego Rodriguez, IDEO: Another excellent public speaker, designer
at IDEO, co-founder of the Stanford Get a feel for the
personality at
he's a rock star designer and a great speaker.
* Stephen O'Grady, RedMonk: Industry analyst, very clued in to the
geek developer community. High profile, quality speaker.
* Cory Doctorow, lives in London, interesting speaker and a Free
Culture guy (not Free Software itself but he does use a free
* Benjamin Mako Hill - Free Software Foundation
a great speaker and has some great ideas and fun ways to tackle them
( His antifeatures talk is really
worth watching:
* Mark Pesce, the dude who did 3D in a browser 15 years ago. Great
speaker, visionairy. Very much into freedom of speech & working on a
free, de- centralized internet and alternatives to facebook etc
we'd have to pay him at least a business class ticked from Australia
but I think I can convince him to come talk for free otherwise (yes,
this person I do know and he's awesome). Watch and

More suggestions? Anyone knows any of the above? Comments?

And who does have an overview of who we've contacted up until now?


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