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Re: [opensuse-cloud] OpenStack Cloud in Interop Lab
Hi Christoph,

On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 05:09:38PM +0200, Christoph Thiel wrote:
Hi Peter,

On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 08:12:31AM -0400, Peter J. Pouliot wrote:
That sounds like an interesting setup indeed. Which packages are you
using and what is your cloud controller running? SLES? openSUSE?

The nova controller/network node currently runs on SLES SP1 using the
packages from the B1-Systems channel. Nova-network routes out of the
cloud network fabric to our other subnets. We do not use the SNAT as
they usually do because of issues with compatibility with the SuSE
firewalling bits and them not being all that friendly for bridge
injection/iptables rules on the network node

As long as you turn off SuSEfirewall2 things should work out just fine.
We haven't run into issues with the firewalling yet. Do you have more
details on that?

We originally had issues with the nat rule injection and how susefirewall
seemed to be handling it. Quite honestly we actually didn't want to use any
nat as we would rather just route, which we ended up doing by just setting the
susefirewall to route for us.

Apparently If floating ips are used, there should be snat/nat rules injected to
map to the inner fabric ip range to make the vm's publically available.

Bernhard Wiedemann and I have setup a private cloud based on SLES 11 SP1
as well as openSUSE 11.4 here in Nuremberg. We have found and fixed a
number of bugs in the process and are about to publish our work to
Virtualization:Cloud:OpenStack in the openSUSE Build Service. (So far we
have used home:cthiel1:openstack for building our packages, which are
based on the packages from B1 systems.)

Our second controller is running on openSUSE 11.4 with the packages
from the Virtualization:Cloud:OpenStack. Greg Haskins (Who assisted
B1 Systems with thier packaging) and Patrick Mullaney (Maintainer of
the Virtualization:Cloud:OpenStack channel) who also did a lot of
packaging work have been helping us as well. Unfortunately we did try
the packages in your channel but had no success with them, and we felt
it was more productive to be debugging on what we ship versus
downgrading to older versions that were in line with what Ubuntu uses.

We are in the process of consolidating all packages in
Virtualization:Cloud:OpenStack -- if you have any issues with any of the
packages, please post to this list.

Will do. Should bugs be filed too?

Our plan is to move to this one once we finish getting it working,
because we want to use newer code. We have already been in discussion
with Rackspace people to integrate our cloud into thier automated
testing for both SuSE and HyperV based compute nodes.

Because of this we are probably going to have to setup a Ubuntu
controller for our development until our packaging becomes inline with
what we ship. However I really don't want to do that. I would love
to coordinate efforts so we can advance our packages/development
efforts on SLES. It might be a good idea to have a call to help us
coordinate efforts.

I'd be happy to support this!

Great! It's probably a matter of picking a time and finding out who should be
on the call?

I have also had discussion with openstack core team (although it
hasn't seem to have gotten much traction) to potentially use the OBS
for all openstack packaging. I have also been involved in
architecture discussion, pertaining to adding pxe support to nova, as
well as how they should be implementing the new nova-network bits
currently under development.

Having all packages in OBS would be nice, indeed :)

I would love to see this as well. I have mentioned it to a bunch of
individuals however I'm not quite we'll be able to get the traction we need
w/in the Openstack community to push for this.

We also have two appliances built in SUSE Studio, one cloud controller
appliance and a compute node appliances. We might publish those to SUSE
Gallery at a later point in time.

I too started to build a controller appliance in Studio, however I
stopped those efforts while waiting for the rest of SuSE to catch up
with where we are, and get some organization around packaging. If
your appliances work we would definately love to give them a try as

We are finalizing the appliance to making it available soon. For a nice
customer experience, we would need a firstboot workflow to set-up some
details, like network and basic OpenStack settings. Right now we have
most of those hardcoded into our appliance.

Is this something we can help with? Would you like us to dogfood your

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