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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Dependency resolution for rpm packages with same name

On Wednesday 2020-07-15 16:00, Neal Gompa wrote:
On Wednesday 2020-07-15 14:58, Vyacheslav Barinov wrote:
Is it possible to have two packages with same name and different versions in
single rpm repository of OBS project?

Currently I have:
- package pkg-old with subpackage libdep-1-1.1.rpm providing
- package pkg-new with subpackage libdep-2-1.1.rpm providing

As per our guidelines, the package name ought to be libdep1, the filename
libdep1-1-1.1.rpm, and libdep2, libdep2-1-1.1.rpm.

That is not the answer to the question he's asking. And there's no
reason to assume this is openSUSE.

The correct answer here is that yes, OBS does not handle this
properly. It locates packages by name and shadows the rest based on

1. Considering multiple projects: In systems with inheritance, shadowing is an
essential feature when there is a hierarchy, otherwise you could not (easily)
override the parent's contents. (Similar behavior can be found in C++ class
inheritance for example)

2. Considering single project: OBS locates packages by name, and then picks the
most recent one of those, which is a necessity if you have a binary static
import that you need to work off (e.g. bootstrap).

Therefore, I will argue OBS handles it within the premise set for itself.
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