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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Building an OVA with kiwi-ng
Hi Mark,

Morschhäuser, Mark <Mark.Morschhaeuser@xxxxxx> writes:


I try to build a sles15 JeOS that is compatible to ESX (it does not like the
vmdk format...) and changed the output type from vmdk to OVA.

The build log tells me that ovftool is used for the build process but the
binary is not found:

[ 115s] [ INFO ]: 15:00:33 | Creating ova Disk Format
[ 115s] [ DEBUG ]: 15:00:33 | "ovftool": in paths
exists: "False" mode match: not checked
[ 115s] [ ERROR ]: 15:00:33 | KiwiCommandNotFound:
[ 115s]
[ 115s] Required tool None not found in PATH on the build host
[ 115s]
[ 115s] Building OVA images requires VMware's None tool which
[ 115s] can be installed from the following location
[ 115s]
[ 115s]

I installed the tool (in the current version 4.4) on the OBS host first
without change so now I guess it must be available in the build sandbox but I
don't know how to add it to the environment - the program is not even
installed by a rpm or so but by a shell installer.
Could I create an ovftool.rpm file from the installed binaries and add
"Support: ovftool" to the project config? Does this work with kiwi builds?

Yes it does work for kiwi images. You can take a look at kiwi's testing
and how they handle this (the project configs are quite huge).

If you have further questions, you might have more luck asking in #kiwi
on directly (the kiwi developers hang out there).



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