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[opensuse-buildservice] Cannot build packages using Fedora:EPEL:7/RHEL anymore -- Why not?
Hi There,

yesterday, I was able to build my package quite nicely, but now I am no longer
able to do be very same build:

$ osc build --clean --local-package Fedora_EPEL_7_RHEL7_5
Building wireshark.spec for Fedora_EPEL_7_RHEL7_5/x86_64
Getting buildinfo from server and store to
Getting buildconfig from server and store to
buildinfo is broken... it says:
unresolvable: nothing provides libnghttp2-devel

This is my repository setup:

$ osc meta prj
<project name="Fedora_EPEL_7_RHEL_7_5">
<repository name="Fedora_EPEL_7_RHEL7_5">
<path project="Fedora:EPEL:7" repository="RHEL"/>
<path project="CentOS:CentOS-7" repository="7.5.1804"/>

From the Fedora project, we have:

$ osc meta prj "Fedora:EPEL:7"
osc meta prj "Fedora:EPEL:7"
<project name="Fedora:EPEL:7">
<repository name="standard">
<download arch="x86_64"
url=""; repotype="rpmmd">
<master url="";
<repository name="RHEL">
<path project="Fedora:EPEL:7" repository="standard"/>
<path project="RedHat:RHEL-7" repository="standard"/>

And when trying to fetch the package by hand, it is there,using either of the
above mentioned URLs:

$ wget -O - '' |
grep libnghttp2-devel
- [<=>
] 0 --.-KB/s <tr><td valign="top"><img
src="/icons/unknown.gif" alt="[ ]"></td><td><a
align="right">2019-08-19 17:03 </td><td align="right">
- [ <=>
] 265.12K --.-KB/s in 0.01s

$ wget -O - '' | grep
- [ <=>
] 33.24K 107KB/s <img src="/icons/unknown.gif" alt="[
]"> <a
2019-08-19 15:03 52K
- [ <=>
] 192.58K 378KB/s in 0.5s

2020-02-28 16:27:52 (378 KB/s) - written to stdout [197198]


So why cannot Build Service resolve this correctly?

Best regards,
Dennis Olsson.--
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