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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] creating disk images - successor for susestudio?
Am Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2019, 15:17:44 CET schrieb Neal Gompa:
On Thu, Dec 5, 2019 at 9:12 AM Mathias Homann

<Mathias.Homann@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Am 2019-12-05 14:15, schrieb Henne Vogelsang:

On 05.12.19 12:36, Mathias Homann wrote:
now that susestudio is gone, is there a way to create a disk image on

been there, looked at it, didn't find much information that is helpful,
or even just accurate.

So far my personal opinion of this whole mess is:

- kiwi is possible unmaintained, horribly outdated, and even less

- kiwi doesn't seem to support anything newer than Leap 42.x or

SLES 11/12

- the kiwi documentation on the opensuse wiki (so you happen to

find it) claims that kiwi is included with opensuse - which is simply
not true, you have to *find* the right OBS repo and activate it

- the *obivious* place to look for kiwi documentation consists of a

short page that informs you that kiwi was integrated into OBS to replace
susetudio, and has a link that ends in an Error 404.

also, the JeOS templates look way too complicated to me for something
that creates an image with "just enough operating system" on it.

lastly, before anyone here even thinks of gibing me the "its opensource,
fix it yourself" spiel, I believe the documentation for it should be
written by someone who actually knows how to use it.

New kiwi is not part of the openSUSE organization. It is actively
developed and maintained. The package is `python3-kiwi` in SUSE

Documentation is here:

Example kiwi descriptions are here:

then what is
Virtualization:Appliances/kiwi and why is everything related to obs as
susestudio successor pointing at that?

Mathias Homann
irc: [lemmy] on freenode and ircnet
obs: lemmy04
gpg key fingerprint: 8029 2240 F4DD 7776 E7D2 C042 6B8E 029E 13F2 C102

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