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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Modularity Support in OBS
Hi again,

On 13. Nov 2019, at 14:03 , Michael Schroeder <mls@xxxxxxx> wrote:

we have added simplistic support for RedHat's modules [1] (aka
"Application Streams). Basically Modularity is a way to have
multiple repositories wrapped into one.

The default in OBS is that no module packages are used at all.
If you need packages from some module (e.g. python36), you'll
need to enable the module you want in the project config:

ExpandFlags: module:python36-3.6

This enables module "python36" with stream version "3.6".

Just add more "module:XXX-YYY" arguments if you need multiple
modules. (You can also use multiple ExpandFlags lines.)

If you're wondering about what else you can do with a project
config, please check out our documentation [2].


We're having projects requiring perl-libs.

perl-libs, however is provided in two different versions:

$ dnf module list

Name Stream Profiles Summary


perl 5.24 common [d], minimal Practical
Extraction and Report Language
perl 5.26 [d] common [d], minimal Practical
Extraction and Report Language

[...] contains
perl-libs-5.26 contains

I wasn't able to build a construct to ignore the 5.24 version without removing
AppStream or reordering it.


ExpandFlags: !module:perl-5.24 module:mariadb-10.3

doesn't seem to work.

Is that a known issue, missing feature or am I doing something wrong?


kind regards,
Carsten Hoeger
Engineering Services

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