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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] can't get layering to work
On Tue, Nov 5, 2019 at 12:46 PM Sanford Rockowitz <rockowitz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In my home project (home:rockowitz), I have 2 packages: ddcutil-test and
ddcui-test. I want the application built in ddcui-test to use the
library and development packages built in ddcutil.test. I've found a
couple pieces of documentation that say I should add a repository
element under the main <package> element, e.g.

From the openSUSE:Build Service tutorial

<repository name="openSUSE_Factory">
<path project="openSUSE:Factory" repository="standard" />

The example in the API documentation at shows something similar:

<project name="superkde"> ...
<repository name="kde4:factory" rebuild="transitive">
<path project="kde4" repository="factory"/>
<releasetarget project="kde4" repository="snapshot"

But when I try to include a <repository> element within <project> in my
metadata file, I receive the following error when saving it:

Error while saving the Meta file: package validation error: 4:0:
ERROR: Element package has extra content: repository.

Even something as simple the following triggers the error.

<package name="ddcui-test" project="home:rockowitz">
<title>Test builds of ddcui</title>
<description>For testing OBS builds of ddcui. Not for public

What am I missing?

Non-admins are not allowed to add custom repository sources.

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