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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Repository publishing broken on b.o.o ?
On lunes, 29 de julio de 2019 5:05:09 (CEST) Fritz Elfert wrote:
On 28.07.19 12:40, Julio Gonzalez wrote:
I see the same problem at


I tried "osc wipebinaries --all
systemsmanagement:Uyuni:Master:Ubuntu1604-Uyuni-Client-Tools && osc
rebuild --all
systemsmanagement:Uyuni:Master:Ubuntu1604-Uyuni-Client-Tools" just in
case, but no luck.
This is redundant, because wipebinaries triggers a rebuild anyway, but more

Mmmm... not what the manual page says, so that's why I launched it. But good
to know :-)

What I learned in the meantime is that this is *not* sufficient. In order to
get the binaries re-transferred, one has to do the following:

1. Disable builds
2. osc wipebinaries --all
3. (Important) wait, until the file disappears from all mirrors. Can take
quite long. 4. Enable builds again

I am currently in the waiting phase.

But are you sure this works? I am specially worried this will work one time,
and then when a package changes, the same procedure is needed.

Same happens at

Being that:

- All three mirrors are broken
- The dates for the packages seems to be fine at the mirrors.
- This seems to be happening (in our case= only for Ubuntu Uyuni packages
(at least openSUSE seems to be fine, for example
ng-github-boynux-squid_exporter-1.6-lp150.4.2.x86_64.rpm is
c319a3a00b4cfba9c599d6d25daf79823709d6fd494de0bbb823bae2e4167fd9 as at
the repodata)

I wonder if this really a problem with the mirrors, or there's something

@Fritz, did you finally open a ticket at admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx?

I did, but the ticket is still untouched as of right now (Jul 29, 03:00 GMT)
Ticket: (unfortunately it is set
to private - don't know why and I cannot change this)

Also: In my case, the US-Mirror had the correct file. gwdg and lysator had
the wrong one, so in my case, it really appears to be a mirror problem.


Julio González Gil
Release Engineer, SUSE Manager and Uyuni
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