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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Repository publishing broken on b.o.o ?
I see the same problem at

While syncing from Uyuni:

12:16:35 ERROR: Download failed:
- Target file isn't valid. Checksum should be
74865c660277651be129867d0627041dd1e76cbfe65419d25908bfc6f329ce2e (sha256)..

If I verify the Packages file, the sha256 sum for the package listed there is

But from all the mirrors that offer it:

the sha256 sum is

I tried "osc wipebinaries --all
systemsmanagement:Uyuni:Master:Ubuntu1604-Uyuni-Client-Tools && osc rebuild
--all systemsmanagement:Uyuni:Master:Ubuntu1604-Uyuni-Client-Tools" just in
case, but no luck.

Same happens at

Being that:

- All three mirrors are broken
- The dates for the packages seems to be fine at the mirrors.
- This seems to be happening (in our case= only for Ubuntu Uyuni packages (at
least openSUSE seems to be fine, for example
is c319a3a00b4cfba9c599d6d25daf79823709d6fd494de0bbb823bae2e4167fd9 as at the

I wonder if this really a problem with the mirrors, or there's something else.

@Fritz, did you finally open a ticket at admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx?

On miércoles, 24 de julio de 2019 11:29:12 (CEST) Adrian Schröter wrote:
On Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2019, 11:14:45 CEST Fritz Elfert wrote:

I recently noticed some strange discrepancy of the downloadable packages
that were created after building:

The size/checksum of the rpm file on does not match
the metadata that is recorded in the repository's primary.xml.gz


When downloading
eh s-devel-1.5.1-173.fc29.x86_64.rpm

The resulting size is 622240 bytes and the sha256sum is

However in the corresponding
xml .gz

most likely a mirror is broken. Check with curl or wget from where it comes
really and report it to


please. (since the download infrastructure is not part of OBS).


The size is recorded as 622248 and the sha256 as

Obviously, dnf complains when attempting to install or update the package.
I rebuilt the affected packages, but this did not help.
Any clues?



Julio González Gil
Release Engineer, SUSE Manager and Uyuni
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