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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] unsigned debian release files after update

On 26.07.19 16:34, Michael Schroeder wrote:
On Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 04:24:49PM +0200, Mathias Radtke wrote:

our $sign = "/usr/bin/sign";
#Extend sign call with project name as argument "--project $NAME"
#our $sign_project = 1;
#Global sign key
our $keyfile = "/srv/obs/obs-default-gpg.asc";
our $gpg_standard_key = "/srv/obs/obs-default-gpg.asc";
Looks good. So what about any suspicious messages in the publisher log?


I see that the Release.gpg gets removed

2019-07-24 13:20:55: [29525] publishing
      - Release.gpg
      ! all/opsi-linux-bootimage_20190522-2_all.deb
      ! all/python3-opsi_4.2.0.10-1_all.deb
      + all/opsi-linux-bootimage_20190724-1_all.deb
      + all/python3-opsi_4.2.0.11-1_all.deb
      + opsi-linux-bootimage_20190724-1.dsc
      + opsi-linux-bootimage_20190724-1.tar.gz
      + python3-opsi_4.2.0.11-1.dsc
      + python3-opsi_4.2.0.11-1.tar.gz
    fetched 0 patterns
    running dpkg-scanpackages
dpkg-scanpackages: warning: Packages in archive but missing from
override file:
dpkg-scanpackages: warning:   opsi-linux-bootimage opsi-linux-support
opsi-tftp-hpa opsi-tftp-hpa-dbg opsi-tftpd-hpa opsi-utils
opsi-windows-support opsi4ucs opsiconfd opsiconfd-common opsipxeconfd
opsiwebservice python3-opsi winexe
dpkg-scanpackages: info: Wrote 20 entries to output Packages file.
    running dpkg-scansources
dpkg-scanpackages: info: Wrote 0 entries to output Packages file.
    syncing database (10 ops)
waiting for an event...

But apart from that, nothing that actually remarks an error

Mathias Radtke


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